Love Laziness and a Lively Discussion

It is so tempting to call this one “The Second Post of the Year”. Using numbers freed me up from thinking about titles for much of last year, but in the end it is boring and uninformative, so I have resisted temptation.

At the time of writing I have not yet decided what to call the post. It may be something side-splittingly funny. The balance of probability suggests it won’t be, but we can hope. At the moment, I can’t even think of three words that start with the same letter.

Big news of the day is that I submitted ten poems on 31st December and have just had two accepted. It’s a good start to the New Year. Even better, I can send the other eight off to one of the magazines accepting submissions this month.

Using Kindle I had another go at Charlicountryboy’s book. I bought the paperback just before Christmas but haven’t managed to read anything apart from non-fiction (which you can dip in and out off) since having Covid. I’m still not back to fiction, but that is down to old eyes, which aren’t a problem when you have an illuminated page. It’s a good book and I will be reviewing it soon.

That’s about it for now. It hasn’t been a lively day, though we did have some discussion on how lazy I was which provided a few minutes of witty cut and thrust. I ordered McDonald’s via Just Eat and this is considered to be the height of idleness by Julia. However, if I’d toasted bread and warmed up some beans that would have been industrious. I don’t see much difference. Beans on toast is cheaper and almost certainly healthier, but it’s not to much fun and we’d have missed the Festive Pies. Plus it would have made washing up. Lazy? Possibly. Efficient? Undoubtedly. A lovely festive gesture for my beloved. Apparently not.

Having failed in my attempt to attract sponsorship from Parker Pens I am trying a new target for 2023 – I’ve always like McDonald’s. . .

10 thoughts on “Love Laziness and a Lively Discussion

  1. tootlepedal

    I have reached the age when I am beginning to seriously consider those annoying adverts which tell you that old people need expensive lights if they want to read. I had a Kindle but I left it on a train in France.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      That’s the problem with Kindles. The battery on my original one will hardly hold a charge now and the tablet which replaced it is somewhere amongst piles of books that seem to grow in corners. They are very slim and easy to lose.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      How do I answer that? Is it, for instance, fiction or non-fiction. And if I get round that philosophical minefield, do I have to admit I thought it only had pictures in it. Julia is smirking at this – she has actually seen it.


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