Lots and Lots of Lovely parcels

The smell of cooking potato is wafting through the house. It will soon be followed by the scent of sizzling sausages. Tonight’s meal is not going to rate high on the sophistication scale. I briefly toyed with the idea of sausage casserole, but quickly blanked it in favour of wedges and beans. I will add one of the many relishes I currently find myself in possession of, and consider it a meal fit for a King. The new King will probably disagree, as I doubt that his minions are currently engaged in cooking anything as mundane as this.

I returned to work today, to find a list of sales on eBay. There were 25 parcels by the end of the day but all I managed was to pack & post 16 of them and the pack a couple of others ready for tomorrow. It works out at three parcels an hour, which is not impressive, though I did have to disinter some of the stock from dark recesses and use some cunning packaging on a few others, which all takes time. I really wish the owner of the shop would consider how we are going to pack some of the things we sell. Several of them required export labels too, which can be a bit like writing an essay.

Julia came with me and kept me supplied with sandwiches and coffee, before walking over to the post office with bags of packages. She is going to help tomorrow morning too, by which time we should be caught up. She truly is a jewel amongst women and deserves better than me. Those are my words, not hers, though I’m fairly sure she would be happy to agree.

We also had a number of phone calls, several starting with “Oh, good, you’re open.”

I had to disappoint those customers by telling them that we weren’t, and I was there to pack parcels. On the whole, they took it well, despite the anomaly of having someone answer the phone to say we weren’t open.


13 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Lovely parcels

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  2. tootlepedal

    Julia is indeed a pearl above price. Perhaps your boss should consult a packaging consultant. I am sure there must be many about judging from some beautifully constructed parcels I receive.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I got a great parcel a few days ago. It was a box covered in brown tape and took me several minutes to get into (trying not to spoil the box). Inside was a board-backed envelope wrapped in bubble wrap and inside the envelope was a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve contained in a glassine envelope. If we all wrapped like that we may as well just set fire to the planet now.

      I’m sure we could save a lot of money with some proper packaging (bearing in mind the time it sometimes takes to fabricate a suitable mailing container).

  3. Lavinia Ross

    The first business day after January 1st always seems to be a busy one for most. It is good of Julia to help you get through the shipping process, and keep you supplied with sandwiches and coffee. 🙂


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