Day 45

I took cake home from work and this seemed to smooth things over. A new cakeshop has just opened over the road from the shop where the sandwich shop used to be.

Then I went to the Numismatic Society for the talk on Smith’s Bank. The banking bit was a little dry but some of the family history was interesting and the speaker (who also happens to be my employer) had done a good job of adding coins to convert it to a suitable talk for a coin society. I will give you a choice of following the link, rather than have me inflict a second hand version of the story on you. It’s not quite as interesting as the talk, but it’s infinitely better than my garbled retelling would be.

There was  a rainbow in the sky tonight as we left the shop, maybe a sign of brighter times. So far we have had a very mild winter and I’m hoping we will get through the next couple of weeks without a storm. The rainbow fade as I got the camera into action, but you can just about see it in the header picture.

The second picture is a cigarette case in the form of a British wartime blue £1. They were changed from green to blue to make counterfeiting harder and were the first British banknotes to include a security thread. After the war the colour returned to blue but the thread was retained. It’s not in as good condition as the last cigarette case we put on eBay, but it’s still interesting.

Wartime Blue £1 on cigarette case

16 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. Lavinia Ross

    A rainbow is always a good sign! 🌈 A new pastry and cake shop is not bad either. I used to love what we call “bear’s claws” over here, a slotted pastry that looked like a bear’s claw filled with lemony-cheese filling that oozed between the “toes”. 🙂 They were good, and though I have not eaten that sort of thing in many a year now, I remember them fondly.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We don’t get them here very often, but I always have one when I see them. 🙂

      Our new cakeshop just does cake – no pastries – which is probably a good thing as I can resist cake but not pastries.


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