Day 44

There’s something solid and satisfactory about the number 44. It’s a far cry from 37, which always has a shifty look, though clearly lacks the gravitas of 88. Having said that, if I pull my belt tighter I can do a passable imitation of the number 8. I wouldn’t know where to start with imitating the patrician number 4.

After writing that paragraph I looked up numerology. It doesn’t say much about the personality of numbers, though does talk a lot about 888, which is a happy number and is also known as the Jesus Number. It is a fine number from many points of view, including my favourite, that it looks like my grandmother and her two sisters standing side by side. They don’t mention that in the Wiki entry, though they do say that it reads the same back to front and upside down. All in all, I like it, but I’m not sure if it’s a number I have much use for in everyday life.

I’m not sure what number I’m going to use for 1st January 2023. It could be 366 I suppose, in which case 888 will fall on 6th June 2024. On the other hand that’s a lot of counting, so I may have to rethink. I hadn’t thought about what happens in Year 2 when you start using numbers for titles.

We are having steak tonight. We traditionally have steak for Valentine’s Day but tomorrow I am going to the Numismatic Society of Nottinghamshire for a talk on the Smith’s Banking Family of Nottingham. Julia, for some reason, turned down my invitation to come to the talk and have a bag of chips on the way home. I’m just hoping I can stay awake through the whole talk now she won’t be there to prod me in the ribs.



12 thoughts on “Day 44

  1. jodierichelle

    I can just imagine Julia’s expression upon being asked out for a Valentines date at the Numismatic Society of Nottinghamshire for a talk on the Smith’s Banking Family of Nottingham.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      This is true. Though it took me years to get her to marry me, we have known each other over 40 years and I have only just discovered this side of her character. Women truly are a mystery.

  2. arlingwoman

    I have never understood numerology. The idea of ascribing personalities to numbers is an interesting one. I can see it with four– four-square, four winds, four chair legs, etc.


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