Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

The cold I had on Friday (as reported in my last post, turned out to be a bit worse than expected and I took Saturday off work, spending most of it in bed. I spent most of Sunday in bed too and passed an unpleasant night coughing and spluttering.

This morning, feeling tired and washed out, I went to have my dressing changed (the healing is still going well)  and discussed the cold with the nurse as I was worried about the way it had knocked me out.

She had a word with one of the doctors and I was instructed to get a Covid test. It seems that if you have symptoms they now send you for a test, even if the symptoms are of a cold rather than Covid. The three lateral flow test all count for nothing, which makes me wonder why we bother with them.

The booking procedure for a test is quite easy even if there are pages of badly designed forms to fill in.

I won’t go on. Partly because I’m too tired, and partly because I’m beginning to lose my inclination to fight the modern world.

The good news is that I can stay off work tomorrow until the result arrives. The bad news is that I might get another ten days off if it’s positive. I’m not sure I can take another ten days in isolation after being housebound for three weeks with my leg.

However, I may email my MP tomorrow and ask why we bother with lateral flow tests when doctors clearly have no faith in them.

20 thoughts on “Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        No, I merely know that I had close contact with them whilst I was infectious, and that they subsequently developed the disease. If I’d known about the new thinking on testing and symptoms it’s likely I could have avoided some of the transmission.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s tempting to say I will get tested whenever I feel a cold coming on, but apart from the reliability of the tests, I’m still coughing from Covid (which may go on for weeks) and just started sneezing today, though that’s not, in theory, a sign. Where does common sense end and paranoia begin?

      3. Helen

        According to some researchers (have you heard of the ZOE app?), sneezing can be a sign. However, when is any sign a symptom? I sneeze all year round but it can’t all be COVID.

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