Covid Paranoia

On Tuesday I spent several hours in the back room of a shop with two people who texted on Thursday to tell me that they both had Covid. I tested immediately, and was negative.

Today, waiting between my two appointments at the surgery, I started with a small, dry cough. During the day, it carried on . . .

By the time I got home I realised that I had probably passed it on to several people, including my two workmates. They have both visited their elderly parents during the week and this clearly is not good.

As soon as I got in, I tested again and watched for the result.

Single bar next to the “C”. I’m still clear. The cough is still here too, but yet again a simple cough has been magnified into something it isn’t. This is a relief because I didn’t want to be responsible for spreading the virus to vulnerable people.

Both my friends are double vaccinated and so far, despite one being over 80, are reporting symptoms like those of a heavy cold. This is good.

Medical report – I have a cough and a case of paranoia. I also have some exercises from the physio and am feeling better already. The nurse is impressed by my capacity for recovery and thinks I will be able to take over my own dressings quite soon. Flu vaccine is due at the surgery this week and if it arrives they will vaccinate me during one of my other appointments.

It’s all looking good.

Diet report. We are only dealing in broad figures as I had my shoes on and didn’t count the decimal places but I have lost around eight pounds in the last two weeks despite eating apple crumble and ice cream, a McDonalds and chicken kebab meat with chips. You can see why I struggle with my weight, can’t you?

My breakfast of wheat biscuits, fruit and toast and marmalade remains the same. My lunch is just one sandwich with fruit or tomatoes (that’s reduced by one sandwich). In the evening I try to eat smaller portions in the evening but haven’t made any other changes.

If I cut down more i could probably loose more weight, but I may not feel quite so good about it if I cut out all the stuff I like.  It’s a balancing act, but it’s working.

20 thoughts on “Covid Paranoia

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  2. The Belmont Rooster

    I rarely have a cough, even with a cold. I just get these sinus issues if I am working out in the wind and dust (or where there is A LOT of ragweed). I have not been vaccinated yet, but the Delta deal has got me kind of shook up. I pretty much stay at home and go to the grocery store when no one is there. I have been reading up on the vaccine so I think I am ready…

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Two friends of mine (father and son 80 and 50 both double vaccinated) have it at the moment and describe it as like having a heavy cold so it seems worthwhile. I have just been sent for a test by the doctor as I have symptoms, even though lateral flow tests are negative. The test is in 45 minutes, the results will be in tomorrow. Watch this space . . .

  3. Helen

    Probably not good to lose weight too quickly, not if you want to sustain the weight loss, so I think you are fine as it goes. Anyway, it’s good news that you are on track and that you have not been spreading Covid round, as you at first feared.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      🙂 I heard Julia coming upstairs this morning and thought “That’s nice, a cup of tea.”

      Actually, after a night of coughing and spluttering it was another lateral flow test. Pah!

      Still negative.

  4. jodierichelle

    OMG – Every time I cough I start looking side to side, like – did anyone hear that? Then I anxiously wait to see if it will happen again. If it does, I start to wonder – should I take my temperature? Then I try to breathe real deeply to see if my lungs have collapsed.

  5. Laurie Graves

    I’d feel exactly the same way if I suddenly developed a cough. On a happier note…that’s great about the weight loss. Seems to me you are taking a sensible approach. If you want to continue, you can’t cut out everything you love. That’s the route to falling of the diet wagon, and once you fall off, there’s no telling when you’ll get back on. (Yes, I am speaking from personal experience.)


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