Quiet Sunday

I’ve had a lazy day. Lie in. Bit of writing, bit of TV, made a light lunch (avocado based salad), watched cricket on TV and am now back to writing. I have sent off one set of submissions and will be sending another set off this evening. That will mean I have six submissions out, and I’m trying to make it nine by the end of the month (unless someone replies). It’s been a busy month.

I’ve just read a few other blogs and thought of making tea, so I’m going to go away and cook. I will then finish this off, do my online shopping order and fritter the rest of my time away.

Later . . .

OK, so I watched Professor T and he programme on Ronnie Corbett before returning. And browsed the internet a little. Time flies.

It has been a hot day, one of the first all year. Fortunately, we have a couple of fans. The one in the living room doesn’t swivel but every so often we give it a push and so it moves round to direct its air at us alternately.

The day has been noisy, with people doing household jobs, including a lot of power washing, plus slamming car doors and playing car stereos too loud. It’s summer and people are beginning to move round.

Tomorrow is freedom day (freedom from acting sensibly, I fear) and as we already have a high infection rate I’m not holding out much hope for the future. I’ll be wearing a mask fro the foreseeable future and will be avoiding crowds. Having said that, apart from the mask, lockdown wasn’t a lot different from my normal social life, so it’s not much of a change either way.



14 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday

  1. Helen

    I haven’t ventured out of my domain to see if there are any significant changes in behaviour. However, I’ve heard hoovers and goodness knows what else that would normally happen behind closed windows 😊.

    Hopefully, sensible behaviour will prevail.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Number One son was pinged by Track and Trace after watching the Euro Final in a pub in Leeds. He is currently isolating. Same for one of his mates. The rest, despite having the same contacts, got nothing . . .

      1. Helen

        I heard today (Radio 4) that 99% of children asked to self-isolate because of a contact at school do not go on to develop the disease. So, maybe it doesn’t matter that the others did not get pinged, though a shame for your son. Perhaps the others don’t have the app/don’t use bluetooth on their phone….

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        Yes, you even have a good chance of avoiding infection if someone in the house has it. As I understand it, the others all had the app, they just weren’t pinged. That was why he was upset. He mainly works from home so that’s not a problem from that point of view. My sister in law works at ASDA and they had near enough a whole shift pinged when one infected worker walked through the locker room and set the phones off in all the lockers.

        So many stories . . . 🙂

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