A Tale of two Customers

We had two contrasting customers in today. One was caught stealing a coin. He palmed it and slipped it in his pocket. The owner was serving him. My co-worker went through to say hello, as we hadn’t seen him since before the first lockdown, and spotted the the theft.

He is now banned from the shop, and we are wondering how much he took in previous visits. When you have so many individual items about it is difficult to spot when things go missing unless they are very obvious. He was banned from the Birmingham Coin Fair years ago after being caught stealing, but the owner gave him the benefit of the doubt. It seems not to have paid off.

The next customer brought us ice creams,because he knows the shop is like an oven in summer. The part of the front room within 6-10 feet of the air conditioning vent is OK but the rest can be fairly unpleasant and the back rooms are very stuffy. We could open the back door.There is a grille on it and security would not be compromised, but the alarm can be tricky to reset so it’s easier not to mess with it.

After ice cream I went home and made a conscious effort not to go on the computer. I have tendency to switch on as soon as I get home and it can soon swallow up several hours without producing much benefit. Over the years I have turned into a browser of trivia when I really meant to turn into a producer of Great Literature. That is what happens when you allow yourself to drift. If I’d taken more control of my life I could have become a leader of men instead of a shop assistant.

20 thoughts on “A Tale of two Customers

  1. LA

    I can’t believe the guy stole a coin!! Yes….I think my random ogling of Pinterest sights has definitely lowered my ambitions

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Sadly it’s not the first time I’ve known someone who seems OK turn out to be a thief. Partly the fault of the coin trade as we rarely prosecute or publicise.

      1. paolsoren

        Question for you. It is about the way people relate to WP blogs.
        You read the story of the Death of Great Uncle Sam. It is at least two years old. How did you chance upon it? I often wonder just how much life a blogpost has before it is finished.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        I went into my Reader and read “Just two old men and a glass of whisky.” At the bottom of that I was offered two more posts – the one about your Uncle and “Bear and Poisoners” si clicked through and read both of them. Sometimes I move on from theer but last night I just stuck with the three.

        I went into stats just now and find that my post on the Dogwood fedge from March 2019 has been read 73 times in 2019, 49 times in 2020 and 31 times this year.

        It was not a particularly interesting post and I don’t know how people still find it. 🙂

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