Haiku and Haibun

I have had a couple of pieces published online recently.

One was a haiku in Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2021. You can either go down from the top – I’m about 154 down, or work up from the end – I’m about 35th if you start at the bottom. Ther are so many

The other is in Drifting Sands, and is available here.

I like being in online journals because I can share the links and show off.Β  I also like being in printed journals, because I like seeing myself on a page, and admire the editors who keep the tradition of print journals going. In the next month or two I’m going to sort out my subscriptions. I think the least I can do is subscribe to 12 different journals. It’s not as if I smoke or drink anymore. All I need to do is spread them out a bit so that I don’t land myself with a big bill one month. Christmas is always a bad time because so many subscriptions to different things fall due at the end of the year. Don’t they ever stop and think about this? Why put all the subscriptions at the most expensive time of the year?

Of course, there’s a certain amount of self-interest at work here, and I will be supporting journals that I’m in, or want to be in. I’m a realist, not a saint…

Meanwhile, I have a few pieces from print journals that are probably old enough to be reprinted on the blog. I’ll sort them out in the next week or so.


21 thoughts on “Haiku and Haibun

  1. jodierichelle

    Oh, Simon, I wish I could have LOVED this post instead of “liking” it. That Haibun – “Small Changes” is just magnificent.

    a patient heron
    waits for the frog’s return

    This broke my heart. This is how we (governments) do it – isn’t it? Small changes that affect so many things but we can never see past ourselves as to the consequences.

    I really appreciate your Haibun, as they give me a narrative arc. I get a view into your thoughts.

    Your Haiku was also lovely.

    a robin
    sings from the blackthorn
    β€”we queue for the shop

    Such a contrast between the beautiful, free, singing bird and the people masked in line, six feet apart.

    I have been mostly uninterested in poetry, sadly. I just never got it. It always felt too personal to relate to. But you are helping me to understand and appreciate it better. I thank you for that.


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