Running on the Spot

I had an email from TESCO this morning.

Dear Mr Wilson
We are extremely sorry to let you know that due to store issues, we have unfortunately had to cancel your order that’s due today. You have not been charged for your order.

Kind Regards

Your Grocery Home Shopping Team

The mildest word that escaped my lips is “unacceptable”. Fortunately, I have plenty of food in, and with a little thought can last until next week. We’ve done that before when things have gone wrong. However, this time it’s the casual way they tell you that your social distancing  efforts are all in vain and that your menu planning has been a waste.

I have just rung the company to check that it isn’t some form of clever scam email, but it is true. They have an in-store Covid outbreak. Now, if they’d told me that, I would have sympathised. But just telling mw that they had cancelled the order and are offering no alternative is asking for a negative reaction.

We will have to buy bread, milk, cheese and eggs but probably have enough of everything else. We would normally have plenty of cheese and eggs but I have been cutting back to prevent waste.

Before that, I had my repeat blood test after failing last week’s test. In contrast to last week the phlebotomist was eager to start and I didn’t even have time to sit down in the waiting area before he called me through. Good news is that I bled profusely, so no clotting problems there. Of course, that might mean I have gone too far the other way.

I have also just rung the pharmacy and my methotrexate is in. It’s taken 23 days to work its way through the system and I’ve had to request it twice. This is, of course, from the people who brought us The Great Track & Trace Debacle and Lockdown III – This Time It’s Serious.

The pharmacy, to be fair, has been very efficient – its the on-line ordering that has gone haywire. In the old days you got a piece of paper in your hand. These days you wait for a text, and when it doesn’t come you realise you have no pills and it will be another week, if you are lucky. There’s a lot to be said for simple paper-based systems.

So far it’s been a day of chasing my own tale – lots of jobs done, including getting Julia to work, and writing this post is the only thing I’ve wanted to do. And even this i just a list non-vents in the life of a boring man.

I’ve also had a phone call from someone who claims to be validating Life Insurance Policies, but it felt more like a sales call so I made my excuses and left.

The surgery just rang – I failed my blood test again.  Altered dosage and another test next week again.

And now I’ve had one of those calls pretending to be from Amazon.

There is so much rubbish to deal with before you can actually do anything useful.

14 thoughts on “Running on the Spot

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  2. Lavinia Ross

    You and Julia have my sympathies entirely. TESCO should have explained the problem up front to you. Covid rates have gone up here too. I suit up, wear gloves, mask and glasses, and go shopping. Human and clothes go in the wash when I get home.

    Hang in there. I am sorry to hear about the blood work and electronic pharmacy issues.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We seem to be getting Covid rates down generally, though there are hotspots like Tootlepedal is experiencing.

      I went shopping for essentials today (first time in a shop for a month) – everyone masked now, but still families shopping where one person could have done it.

  3. The Snail of Happiness

    It never fails to surprise me that big companies don’t understand the importance of communication – like explaining why there is a problem. You’d have thought they’d want to minimize the number of calls asking for explanations.
    Our excitement today was visiting the local covid vaccination centre…. not for us, but to take our very elderly neighbours, whose family don’t seem to think they are worth bothering with… sigh

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, it’s clear that they expect you to drive a long way for a vaccination. Friends of my sister have been offered various choices between 20 and 60 miles away. Just a shame that so many 80-year-olds don’t drive anymore. Good for you for being a good neighbour – it must be hard to be elderly and on your own at the moment.

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