How My New Life is Shaping Up

How have I done so far with my new regime?

Here’s how…

One, do some housework every day.   Yes, another full hopper in the shredder, and the washing up done, even the curry pan.

Two, exercise every day.  I have flexed my hands and gad a nice walk in the rain to and from the car to Phlebotomy. I must get gutters fitted to my ears.

Three, make a good nutritional decision every day.   I had Cuppa Soup and bread and butter for lunch. We have run out of Cheddar and there is no delivery tonight so my decision not to have  a cheese sandwich was an easy one.

Four – stop pressing those internet buttons. Haven’t pressed one today, so far…

Five. Go out and walk every day. To the car and back should be about right. See Number Two. I have also walked to the phone twice to answer nuisance calls.

Six – write a retirement plan – that way it won’t creep up and surprise me. You got me there – I haven’t started that yet.

Seven –  start using shopping lists. It will make online ordering less of an adventure but will be better for us nutritionally. Made a partial list for last night. Waste of time! Delivery cancelled.

Eight – plan my writing for the year. Started the plan. Still some fine tuning to do. Made time to read  an article on haiku, and make notes.

Nine – employ psychology in my struggle with weight loss. Early days yet.

Ten – stop promising Ten Point Lists when you can’t actually think of ten things. I didn’t do one today, so I think we can call that a success.

I’ve thought of another point – write an easy post by duplicating a substantial part of an old one.  I managed that.

17 thoughts on “How My New Life is Shaping Up

  1. Cherryl

    Love your list, though the internet has become like my right arm lol , but not thankfully not just for social media – thee’s balance there (I think) 🤗 Plus – it’s never too early to think about retirement!!

  2. tootlepedal

    I would say that that was a really good start. If the supermarket keeps cancelling the deliveries, that will sort the weight loss out too.

    I am not entirely convinced by the exercise though. The hand stretching was good. I am doing that too as i have noticed that one of my hands is permanently cupped in the shape of my computer’s mouse and i can’t clap my hands any more. If I could, I would applaud your dedication.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I must keep on with the exercise until it becomes a habit, though the Occupational Therapist has allowed me to stop the resistance exercises as they were creating problems with my thumbs.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Progress! I have one bit of advice concerning healthy eating: Allow one day when you can have treats. That will help keep you on the straight and narrow the other six days. I have lost about 30 pounds with this method—controlled cheating. My daughter is on a similar controlled cheating regimen. She, too, has lost about 30 pounds and has lowered her blood sugar. Anyway, just a thought.


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