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Neck or Leg?

I’ve just had a letter which claims to be the report of my last telephone consultation with rheumatology. It took place while I was in the car by the side of the road bringing Julia home from work. They were a bit off with me, muttering something about hadn’t I realised I had a telephone consultation booked. I was a little tactless in my reply – that they were often hours late in ringing me so I wasn’t going to sit at home waiting when I had things to do.

They have had the last laugh with this letter. It claims I said my pain score was 2.5 out of 5, when I actually said it was “half”. I have a little stiffness and discomfort but no actual pain. I now look like a whining hypochondriac. Next time I will just say zero. It will be less accurate but less susceptible to mis-reporting., as in mild discomfort, with no actual pain. They have also reported that the only remaining path of psoriasis is on my neck. I actually said “legs”.

Fortunately there is nothing life-threatening about the errors, but it does make mw wonder how accurate my medical notes actually are, and if I will die one day because they apply a tourniquet to my neck instead of my leg.

We had six parcels for eBay (none of which were posted, because the Post Office is still closing on Saturdays), and two customers, so it wasn’t a particularly busy day, allowing us to get more foreign banknotes loaded onto eBay. They are selling well – one of today’s sales was a set we had put on the days before and two lots we sold on Friday had been loaded on Thursday. It feels good when that happens, particularly as they are old stock that have been at the back of a store room for years. That’s the beauty of eBay, it reaches so many people that the stock is always new to somebody.

Anyway, have to go now, Julia bought some  mistletoe this afternoon and I suppose I’d better check that it works. Ho, ho, ho, Happy Christmas…

13 thoughts on “Neck or Leg?

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Yes. My dentist does not seem to have taken much interest in mine over the last few years – just keeps telling me he will take them out when they start giving pain. I imagine you are right – a lot of neglect going on at the moment.

  1. Orvillewrong

    I’ve had a similar experience, I had a triple heart bypass at the end of January, my discharge from the hospital was a phone call to check if I was still alive and kicking, but I suppose it was better than nothing!


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