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Wednesday Afternoon

My sister came to help with the packing today. As Nottingham has now shot up to fourth place in the national list of Covid numbers this may be the last time we see each other for a while.

The boxes arrived in the middle of the morning. What a wonderful world we live in when you can obtain reasonably priced cardboard boxes in less than 24 hours. It took about 23 hours from ordering to delivery. The six rolls of tape took around 23 hours and five minutes. They came on a separate van, and the second driver, watching the first van drive off, made a few observations about the vagaries of the delivery process, as did I.

We packed, went down to the storage unit and found the doors were closed. There was a note taped to the door telling us to use the car park. This was, unfortunately, easier said than done, as we were already past the car park entrance and on a busy road. I did manage to turn round and get into the car park but it was slightly irritating after the events of the previous day.

It meant keying in a ten digit security code, collecting trolley, taking it out by the rear entrance and then entering the code again to get back into the building. We had two trolley loads, so that’s a lot of numbers compared to simply parking in the loading bay and unloading. Yesterday’s satisfaction at getting a unit by the door dissolved, as the distance from car park to unit via the rear door is about ten times greater.

Then I made a second trip.

At least the electricians will be able to get to the wiring next week, assuming that they are still allowed to work in houses once the expected new lockdown commences.

Yes, it’s the same masked picture again, though I may have to take a new one next week – showing me sitting at home.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We have now risen to top the national table in reported cases. The Leader of the Council is beside himself with barely suppressed rage at the way things are being delayed so government can avoid spending money.

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Good luck with things. I am expecting winter to become far more “interesting” over here as the pandemic continues. People have raided the shelves of canning supplies – lids, screw bands and bottles.


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