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Masks! Rules! Hypocrisy!

I spent half an hour chatting to WP technical support last night. I forced something, I clicked links, I cleared my cache. As a result I seem to have lost my saved passwords and had trouble getting back into WordPress. I’m not sure why I bother, as the issue with missing pictures is, I’m told, down to me and my outdated browser (which I can’t update because the operating system is too old). Strange thing is that it’s been old and outdated for years, but I only started having problems when I was forced onto the new editor.

With household bills of several thousand pounds looming, I’m not going to be updating in the near future. I’m hoping the missing photos may come back. They weren’t there last night but came back about 20 minutes ago as I was typing, so I’m hopeful that something has been altered.

While I was in TESCO earlier in the week I noticed that three of the five people on checkout weren’t wearing masks. One had a mask, one had a visor (though some shops insist customers wear a mask with a visor) and three had no face covering at all. This is the shop that sent me an email recently, in which they said –

“We’ve provided all of our store colleagues with face coverings, and added protective screens at our checkouts, to help protect them and you.”

Presumably, having provided face coverings, the company thinks it’s OK for staff not to use them.

I nipped into ALDI today to buy flowers for Julia and a couple of bits and pieces. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be shopping so much. Three staff on the tills, no face coverings. More importantly, three customers out of the eight queuing had no face coverings. Difficult to enforce a rule you don’t keep yourself.

I’m not really sure how good the masks are – there is so much conflicting evidence. Common sense tells you they should be doing some good. However, common sense also tells me that if people aren’t wearing them they are prepared to break other lockdown rules too. Of course, if the politicians don’t follow the rules

And that is only a short list of high-profiler politicians and public figures who have been caught breaking the rules. Footballers and cricketers, including those on international duty, local politicians and other MPs not listed in that article have all flouted the rules.

However, ordinary people, like a metal detectorist I know, are having to stick to the rules. Metal detecting clubs can only have six people at an event. They aren’t even allowed to have six on one field and six on another – to do that risks a fine.

The saddest thing about Covid, for me, hasn’t been the death or the disruption, we can work round this and death, after all, will happen to us all at some point. The saddest thing has been the way the rich and powerful have ignored rules, then acted as if it didn’t matter. And possibly the most shameful thing to come out of it is the way that ordinary people have been fined while high-profile figures have been allowed to get away with it.

13 thoughts on “Masks! Rules! Hypocrisy!

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    I can’t agree with you more..I do feel “safer” with the mask and walking out in the street to pass someone on the sidewalk. There’s no response for those “higher-up-in-a-leadership-position” who know better than anyone and flaunt their IQ or knowledge of things better than the professionals.
    Signed…flabbergasted and lost while shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

  2. tootlepedal

    I tried in vain to reply to your replies to my comments on your blog from my WP account but couldn’t post them. You will just have to take it that they were comments of sublime wit and wisdom as I am not going back to your posts to comment on them there.

    As far as the covid thing goes, the country recently willingly voted in a bunch of incompetents to run the country and have got exactly what they voted for.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      That’s what I always think about your posts. Unfortunately it looks like my WP account is doomed to increasing troubles…

      To be fair to the clowns at Westminster, when did we last have a government that wasn’t incompetent?

  3. Laurie Graves

    Yup. That final paragraph surely does say it all. You only have to look at our fool of president to see this in action. Nevertheless, when I go out, I wear a mask even though I am claustrophobic and I hate having anything over my face and nose. Glad you wear yours, too. At least we know we are doing our part.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank yuo. I’ve never been able to prove the link beyond doubt but a man with the same name, age and geographical area as my great great great grandfather was wanted by the authorities for being a Chartist agitator. Perhaps blood will out…


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