Another Wednesday & an ASDA Story

At 6.22 this morning my telephone vibrated to signal an incoming text. Or did it. If there is no-one awake to here it buzz, did it actually happen? I continued to sleep the sleep of a man with a spotless conscience until 6.48 when my bladder dragged me from my slumbers.

ASDA had tested my card to check it was going to get paid for its groceries when it delivers tomorrow, but the card had been declined. Result –  a text to me.

So my day started with a telephone call to ASDA. When I cancelled my card last week I borrowed Julia’s card and registered it on the ASDA site as I had to have a current card to secure a delivery slot for next week. I did this, and booked the slot, so I know the card works and that it is properly registered on the site.

However, the ASDA system was still using the old details. To be fair, those had been the correct details at the time I placed the order, but in my mind they should have a system where they check for new account details before declining the order. Instead, they declined the order, texted me and made it my problem even though I had done everything properly.

They needed the three digit code off the back of the newly registered card to alter things, but it’s Julia’s card and I don’t know the number. I could have woken her, but it’s her day off and she usually7 lies in until 7.30. I’d rather poke a sleeping lion with a short stick.

I said I’d use my new card, and they said they couldn’t do it over the phone, I would have to go into my account and do it.

So I did.

Having booked next week’s delivery using Julia’s card, and now having registered my new card, I’m expecting to repeat this whole rigmarole next week.



10 thoughts on “Another Wednesday & an ASDA Story

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      In truth, it all goes back to my injudicious use of my card, so, like a Shakespearean hero, I am the cause of my own misfortune. Hamlet would have been a very different play is he had complained about poor customer service rather than the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      The only anagramatic reply I can think centres round the ASDA payment staff being residents of Newark. Then I wondered if any ex-residents of Newark might read it…


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