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A slight improvement

So, the second part of my day commences. It was, I’m glad to say, better than the first.

I ordered cardboard boxes on the internet. I’m hoping I’ve got it right because tomorrow is planned as a whirlwind of packing.

I have secured my new storage unit and everything is up to date, with many personal details supplied. I have even supplied details of my next of kin. The new one is near the loading bay, so no need to use the lift. This is handy. I just wish that I had worked things out better in my life so I didn’t haver so much rubbish to move round.

They gave me a hefty discount on this second one and gave me a free padlock, so you have to say that they are improving in my eyes. Perhaps i was a little harsh…

But then again, maybe I was fair.

I put some stuff in the unit and went to pick Julia up from work. She has had a bad day and the standard of management at her place is hitting new lows. I continue to tell her s should look for a new job. The good she does, and the enjoyment she gains from enriching the lives of her clients, is, in my opinion, not worth the hassle she endures.

We dropped off three bags of books in the local Oxfam bin and noticed that the clothing bank has a pile of bags around it already. The paper, plastic, glass and tin can banks are all now open, a sign of normality returning.

I have had an email from a local group concerning my offer to volunteer to help adults improve their literacy. They are inviting me to fill in an application form, to be interviewed and then take an on-line training course. It seems like a lot of effort to prove I’m fit to teach people to read.

And finally, the news has just announced that Nottingham has rocketed to the top of the Covid table and is now number 6 in the country for new infections. The government is likely to lock us down at the weekend, and the council is urging us to make several changes already.

The Council has issued the following advice in advance of the government announcement.

Do not mix with people from other households indoors unless you are part of a support bubble.

This includes your home, other homes and leisure and hospitality venues.

You can still visit venues but the City Council asks that it is only with you own household.bubble.

I haven’t mixed with anyone indoors since March, apart from my sister’s garage, with the doors open. I have socialised to the extent of one pub lunch, one meal out (both slightly forced on me) and two visits to a garden centre café. And a funeral. I’m not sure whether that counts as mixing indoors or socialising.

I do, of course, go to work, where I mix with people who aren’t part of my household. They are probably part of my support bubble, apart from the customers. It’s unclear where this falls relative to government advice – it’s probably OK as it’s keeping the economy going and it means we won’t cost them anything.

Ah well, no point worrying. Worse things happen at sea etc…




13 thoughts on “A slight improvement

  1. tootlepedal

    I am glad that you have got a result from the storage people but somewhat alarmed by the big rise in cases in Nottingham. It is a bit annoying when you have been sticking to the sensible course of action to find that others have been rather more carefree (or careless) so you have my sympathy. I have two nephews in Nottingham and a brother in Derby so I hope that things calm down quickly.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I will carry on as normal and hope for the best.

      It’s a very difficult situation. Much, though not all of the rise, seems to be coming from students. If I was 18 and newly released from home I would be thinking of parties rather than taking sensible precautions, so it’s hard to blame them. The universities and the local economy rely on them for income, so we need them here, despite the dangers.

      I hope your nephews stay well, and that Derby manages to keep things contained.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        We had ratatouille, garlic bread and potato wedges last night. But only because we went to the chip shop on Thursday. Will have to consider our options.

  2. Laurie Graves

    I second everything that Lavinia wrote. I do want to add that in wanting to help adults improve their literacy, you’re doing your bit, too. Kudos to both of you.

  3. Michelle Schneider

    You can actually order great heavy weight free boxes from the United States post office!

  4. Lavinia Ross

    Good luck, Quercus. As you know, things are a bit nutty over on this side of the Pond. It’s been a strange year on many fronts and it is not over yet. Winter weather forcing people inside is bound to change the equation, although I do not envision it improving things.

    I admire Julia hanging in there for her clients. She is a saint.


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