Caesar’s Wife and the Special Advisor

Sorry, I’m being political and I’m writing about Dominic Cummings today. He is a special advisor to the Prime Minister and was recently accused of breaking the lockdown guidance. People have resigned, or been forced to resign, over this several times and in several countries. Some useful scientists have been discarded as a result, at a time when we need scientists. Now Dominic Cummings has been accused of breaking the rules. He is not a scientist and, to my mind, is not useful. Political advisors fill the same niche in politics as catfish do in the world’s rivers – they lurk in murky places and feed from the bottom.

If he was sacked tomorrow I really don’t think the world would notice.

However, Boris Johnson won’t sack him. He has, according to Boris, ‘acted responsibly, legally and with integrity’.

First, may I say that Boris, with his expensive classical education, should be the first to know that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion. It is not good enough for someone in that position to be squeaky clean: they must give absolutely no room for suspicion.

And when they are tackled by the press they should remember, that, as the Bible tells us,ย A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. A soft answer does not seem to be the favoured response of either Mr Cummings or the Tory Party. Their responses to the press are verging on arrogant.

As for ‘responsibly, legally and with integrity’, I don’t know the exact definition of what was legal. Discussing things like this is what keeps the legal profession in wigs and holiday homes. The ex-Chief Constable of Durham seems to believe there was a crime.(that is the same link as the previous one).

Responsible? I’m not sure that travelling the length of the country with a child and an infected person in the car to stay with family is responsible.

Integrity? I’ll let you make your own mind up.

All over the country people are making sacrifices. Even some politicians are making sacrifices. Sadly, it seems that some of them aren’t.

I photographed the crow in the picture 18 times before I got that shot, which makes the title of that shot corvid19.

I’ve been waiting to use that joke for months…




















24 thoughts on “Caesar’s Wife and the Special Advisor

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  3. tootlepedal

    The crow joke was well worth waiting for. I vote green when we have our somewhat proportional representation Scottish elections where a green vote actually makes a difference.

  4. Laurie Graves

    Lately, I have been thinking that the United States is a country of dum-dums. I will leave it to you to describe your own country. However, your description of Cummings does not fill me with encouragement.

    1. quercuscommunity

      He has said he is a great fan of the Trump school of electioneering. I actually feel lost in a world where this sort of thing is thought to be praiseworthy.

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  7. charliecountryboy

    Haha love the Crow pun, Cummings? Detestable creature, Iโ€™m A-political these days as I think theyโ€™re all… well you know, but he is quite horrible. Ian Hislop says so ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, my political thoughts these days centre on the fact that all politicians are untrustworthy. I have decided to vote Green from now on to try to preserve the Earth for my kids. Probably too little, too late, but at least it gives me some hope.

  8. arlingwoman

    Good Corvid shot. This Cummings guy, I don’t get the logic of it. He was taking the virus to his parents? Who are at least 20 years older than he is and that places them in a high risk group? Because his wife was sick and he was worried about the child? I assume the dude has a big enough house to isolate from his wife in. It’s really odd. I haven’t been able to tease it out, and we have enough dirt in our own house over here, but … Lavinia’s comment made me remember “the Judgement Day is getting nearer/there it is in the rear view mirror/if you’d crouch down I could see a little clearer…”

  9. Lavinia Ross

    Corvid19 is a good title for that shot, Quercus. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you know, politics are no better here, 2020 is one year that may turn out to be best viewed in the rear view mirror.


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