An Avocado Day

The day started badly when I woke at 6.20 am and found that my hopes regarding my knee (which had become very painful during the course of the evening) had come to nothing. Despite having rested, it was still painful. Fortunately I had taken a walking stick upstairs and was able to make it to the bathroom without too much cursing.

I took ibuprofen, even though they interfere with the warfarin and went back to bed. I couldn’t find any paracetamol and the ibuprofen gel was, inconveniently, downstairs.

At 8.10 I woke again to find that the ibuprofen had lived up to my expectations and done bugger all to alleviate the pain.

That’s what I find about painkillers these days. The ones you can buy at the supermarket don’t do much to help with the sort of pain I get as old age creeps on, and the ones that work, like laudanum, are out of favour. You can’t read a depiction of Victorian life without tripping over gallons of the stuff but, despite the insistence of the Conservative party on returning to Victorian values, you just can’t get hold of it.

By the time I got downstairs the post had been, as had the bin men, and there was a letter waiting for me from the anti-coagulant service. I have, once again, managed to hit target with my recent blood test and have been rewarded with an appointment in August.

This amazes me, as I have a bad habit of often taking the pills either too late or not at all. My phone sounds an alarm at 8pm and I tend to switch it off with the words “I will have to take my pills in a while.” There are always better things to do at 8pm.

A quick shout out for the posties and bin men here – they are doing a great job keeping civilisation going, but they aren’t complaining and they aren’t getting the thanks they deserve.

We had a TESCO delivery last night at 9pm (because it’s cheaper at that time) and it was much more accurate than the ASDA delivery last week. As a result we were able to breakfast on bacon sandwiches made using croissants and our new supply of brown sauce. Life does not get much better…

I also picked up my new warfarin prescription from the pharmacy and took advantage of that to buy a box of co-codamol. It’s not laudanum, but as I write, ten hours after taking two tablets, I have nothing more than a dull ache in the knee. You are only supposed to take it for a maximum three days but I’ve never needed to take more than a couple of doses before it’s sorted me out. Strangely, despite the three day stipulation, it comes in a box containing enough for four days.

I then made lunch, consisting of sourdough rye bread and avocado – I seem to have become much more middle-class during lockdown – with finely chopped wild garlic leaves which Julia had foraged whilst out walking in the local park.

After that the day became less interesting.

Avocado and Wild Garlic

Avocado and Wild Garlic

Yes, it’s the same picture, but I like to add two photos where I can. Note the square plate, which I always consider a sign of gastronomic sophistication. I bought several in my abortive bid to become a food blogger.

It’s really avocado, wild garlic, coriander leaves (and stalks) and black pepper. The rye sourdough was a TESCO substitution for ordinary sourdough, which, after last week’s bread substitution from ASDA suggests that TESCO is a better supermarket for home deliveries. At least they understand bread.

24 thoughts on “An Avocado Day

  1. everythingtips

    the food looks amazing! i am sorry about your knee, hope it has healed🥺 have a great day, dear!☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested😊 It would mean a lot to me🥺🤍

  2. tootlepedal

    You really are a trendy fellow with your avocado on sour dough bread, not to mention the square plates. I will look at you with new respect from now on and try to make sure that no plastic bowls creep into the pictures in my posts.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    I am sorry the knee hurts so bad. I have a touchy left knee, where I was kicked by a horse back in the late 70s. I find not wearing shoes inside the house seems to help. Probably changes the angle of things and reduces stress on the joint. Yes, horses can be rough on body parts. I’ve been thrown, kicked and bitten back in the day. I still love them. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m afraid I have led a horse-free existence.

      My grandfather was nearly killed by a horse in 1916 when it panicked under shellfire. My father was attacked by a horse in the 30’s.

      I decided to leave well alone…

  4. Helen

    The food sounds good!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ve found some relief for your knee. I hurt my knee running for a bus nearly 18 months ago and it took well over a year to heal….

    1. quercuscommunity

      We are eating well, but that, unfortunately, is a clue to the state of my knees. 🙂

      I hope your knee is completely healed now. It can be a nuisance when they aren’t up to scratch.

      1. Helen

        Thank you. Had a twinge the other day but I can kneel properly now with pain.

        To be honest, we’re eating a lot more healthily at the moment, although as takeaway food becomes more accessible I can see things starting to slip….

      2. quercuscommunity

        We just had chickpea and peanut butter curry, the third meal from our box.

        We had cut down on takeaways in the six months before lockdown and hope to continue this. It’s expensive and unhealthy. And very tasty… 🙂

      3. Helen

        My mum told me about how many calories were in a Chinese takeaway – absolutely astounding.

        Anyway, chickpea and peanut butter curry sounds nice. I’ve just refrozen a chickpea curry as we had had enough for now. Might be worth trying it with added peanut butter, do you think?

      4. quercuscommunity

        I used to have a recipe for pork and peanut butter based on satay. Very nice. Coconut milk seems to upset my stomach, so Thai food is a bit hit and miss in its effects. 🙂

      5. Helen

        Oh dear! I find coconut milk okay but the taste of something puts me off. Maybe it’s the lemongrass.

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