Back to Bempton

We went to Bempton Cliffs today.

It’s the first time I’ve found myself going through the motions. There are only so many Razorbills, Guillemots, Gannets, Kittiwakes and Tree Sparrows you can photograph before the novelty wears off. As for Jackdaws, I can see them any day of the week in Nottingham.


Tree Sparrow (Male)

I did get a photograph of a Whitethroat, so that cheered me up. I’ve not photographed one before, though it’s not exactly rare.



There weren’t many Puffins about, but what’s new? There are rarely many Puffins about when you want them. At the moment they are mainly involved with feeding their young. I can identify with that.

It was a fairly dull day, and I couldn’t use the magic settings to liven the colour up as they limit the zoom to 40x, You need every bit of the 80x zoom to get a decent shot, and you also need steady hands, as any wavering is also magnified 80 times.

To make things worse, it was also windy.

The first Puffin shot was, I thought, only a shot of a half-hidden bird with bright orange feet. Imagine my surprise when, looking at the photos later, I found I’d been photobombed by another, much clearer bird. At 80x zoom, with a dull day and lots of concentration, I’d completely missed the obvious one!

27 thoughts on “Back to Bempton

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  3. jodierichelle

    Those are wonderful bird shots, Simon. I was recently birding & was happy if a shot let me identify the bird at all. Birds are rough unless you have one of those 2 foot lenses people walk about with.

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      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Thank you. A lot of my success with photography is based on taking lots of shots to get one or two good ones – digital photography is great for that.


  4. Helen

    Fantastic puffin shot!

    I have yet to visit Bempton Cliffs, though I’d be happy to go to see the sea. For bird entertainment, there seems to be no point in going further than my back garden. Besides, feeling they are my birds makes them even more captivating.

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