Scone Chronicles XIX

Sorry, I decided it didn’t matter if I missed a day posting and, six days later I’m only just getting back to blogging.

I have plenty of things to write about, but no enthusiasm for the work.

However, I will give it a go, as scones have recently reappeared in my life. On that subject, I may dispense with Roman numbering after the next one. That’s what they did with Spitfires in WW2. They got to Mk XIX and the next one was the Mk 20.

I suppose it’s all part of the dumbing down of the world. First we stop using Latin numerals, then, under pressure from Microsoft, we adopt American spelling.

We’re on the verge of electing a buffoon, and have a fine choice, with both Johnson and Farage, so we’re following America in so many ways.

I’m going to fail to post before midnight, but I’m not rushing. It’s a bit late to worry about my posting record.

On Wednesday we went to meet Julia’s brother and sister-in-law who were visiting family in Radcliffe-on-Trent, a large village just outside Nottingham (which I thought was a town, until I checked when adding the link). The Atrium is a converted bank, and is very pleasant, though the name had led me into expecting more glass and plants.

The staff were efficient, cheerful, and very patient, which was good as they had a lot of kids running about. One of the kids was my great nephew, who is just over a year old now. He’s not quite walking but he’s on the verge, and manages to get about well enough.

The scones were large, and light in texture, though a bit sweet and slightly deficient in fruit. It doesn’t make them bad scones, but it does stop me talking of them in glowing terms. I’d happily go back for scones if I was in Radcliffe-on-Trent again, but I wouldn’t necessarily drive all the way from Nottingham for them. Julia had Bakewell Tart. It was a bit lurid compared to last week’s Bakewell Pudding.

Still having difficulty posting using the ancient netbook, so I’ll call a halt there. It’s amazing really, a few years ago I thought this machine was brilliant, but after using a laptop for the last three years it’s like torture.



31 thoughts on “Scone Chronicles XIX

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  2. tootlepedal

    I too am glad that it was only lack of purpose rather than lack of health that has held you back from posting for a while. That scone looks very good to me. You are a hard man to please.

  3. Helen

    Yes, netbooks are a bit of a pain – donโ€™t try marking a 2000 word essay on one!

    Anyway, I go with Juliaโ€™s Bakewell tart for the almonds. And Iโ€™ve just heard on PM, BBC Radio 4, that the Lib Dems appear to be in the lead. I have no idea what this relates to as I missed the first bit of the item. In any case, Iโ€™m bracing myself for buffoonery.

  4. The Belmont Rooster

    Hmmm… Mr. Trump is visiting you know. You can keep him for as long as you like and give the reporters here something new to talk about. Oh, no. That won’t stop them. But keep him there as long as you can. He needs a vacation. So, you are saying we can’t spell in the US? I thought it was you that weird spelling? I could never figure out why there is a “u” in catalog and color… ๐Ÿ™‚ PEACE!

  5. Clare Pooley

    I had wondered where you’d got to and if you were alright. Glad to know it was only lack of enthusiasm! Lack of a decent laptop may also have something to do with it.
    I think if I’d asked for fruit scones I want more than a couple of raisins per scone.


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