Phew, that was close…

I’ve been beavering away on the keyboard, watching TV and chatting to Julia (made possible by the absence of Number One Son doing a double shift) and I nearly forgot to post.

These are some photos from yesterday afternoon at Clumber park. I like the park, it’s just the service in the cafe I’m not keen on. I may have mentioned that.

The study of Japanese poetry must be rubbing off on me – crows in dead trees are pretty standard in haiku. So are herons.

I’m going to do my bit by making robins into a cliche too. They are great subjects, particularly as they come right up for a look at the camera.


I would have had more bird photos but a pair of pensioners drove up and started throwing bread into the lake – attracting all the birds and filling them up  with low-grade food.

12 thoughts on “Phew, that was close…

    1. Jodie Richeal

      Right, Laurie? Their shape is more like a wren, to me. And their song is nothing like our Robin’s song. Could it be the red breast? Maybe an Englishman (or woman) came over here long ago and saw OUR robin with a similar colored breast and named it “robin” for old time’s sake.


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