The Duckpond

Several of you have expressed an interest in seeing some of my haiku/haibun. I realise this is a sign of kindness rather than a burning desire to read self-edited poetry of variable quality, but I do appreciate it.

I’m afraid I’m not very forthcoming, because I tend to write for magazine publication and, occasionally, for competition. They generally don’t accept work that has already been seen, and as I never seem to have enough material that’s good enough to submit it makes it hard to find something to show.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22 situation – I can’t show the best ones and I don’t want to show you the second quality ones.

As a compromise, if you follow this link to Wales Haiku Journal and scroll down to The Duckpond, you can read my latest haibun.  If you are a regular reader you may recognise the pond, and the trolley.

Part of the problem is the time they need to mature. I’m currently working on pieces that were written three or four months ago. My last attempt on the blog was written in haste and didn’t quite work.

I’m sure there is a way round it, and will apply myself to searching. Maybe I need a 100 Day Haibun Challenge…

10 thoughts on “The Duckpond

  1. Jodie Richeal

    Oh, I loved it! So evocative of a cold day – black water, no offspring to scold and the scent of coffee pulling you in. That beautiful green of a male mallard’s head is always worth noting.

    I totally know what you mean about sharing online – If it’s possibly worth publishing, you can’t ruin it by putting it out there. But it takes so long to get it right! Keep at it sir. This hard work is what makes you stand out. It’s not an easy road and the best thing for it is a little bit every day.

    Congratulations on a lovely poem. You should always share those links.


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