Christmas is Over

The day is drawing to a close. Number One Son has texted to say he has landed and is now in a taxi heading “home”. Julia has trouble accepting this as a description, as she still thinks his home is Nottingham rather than Valetta. If someone offered me a job in Malta I know what I’d very quickly be calling “home”.

We had a meal on the way to the airport, which will form the first part of my 100 Food Reviews in 365 days. Tootlepedal suggested visiting cafes in order to indulge my talents for sarcasm and vitriol over the next year, and apart from being a family meal it will double up as the first review in the series. The company was fine, the server was excellent but the food is going to provide me with plenty of material for indulging my grumpy old man persona.

Between the meal and the text I finished Library Lost. It’s the second book in the Great Library Series by Laurie Graves, better known to us as the writer of Notes from the Hinterland.

I’ll be reviewing it soon. But if you want to buy it and read it before reading the review you’ll be safe in doing that, though I will warn you that it it finishes too soon as I would have been happy with reading it for another two or three days.

That, I think, is it for today. Back to work tomorrow.



19 thoughts on “Christmas is Over

  1. Helen

    I can see Julia’s point of view re your son calling Malta home. Still, I’d love to at least visit the place, especially at this time of year…

      1. Helen

        I have spent my winters ‘somewhere’ but even places which are hot in summer can be cold in winter, especially as buildings might have no or inadequate heating. However, once you have decided to not work in winter, perhaps you could try out one or two places and report back?

      2. Helen

        No, I don’t think it’s too late. A blogger I follow in Ireland overwintered on Malta for two winters recently and she’s retirement age.

  2. Andrew Petcher

    I too would choose Valletta. Mothers are like that. My son is in Auckland New Zealand and his Mum keeps pestering him to go home to Ilkeston. No chance of that anytime soon!

    1. quercuscommunity

      By the summer one of ours will be in NZ and the other in Canada. I think it’s a sign we have raised adventurous and independent kids. Julia is worrying if they’ll come home for Christmas.

      I’m worried they might…


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