The Spirit of Christmas

This is a picture of me wearing my Beard Baubles. Julia bought them for me when she went shopping after Christmas. Then proceeded to wear me down until I put them on for the photograph. I swear I will get her back for this.

In the meantime I will allow my family their hollow victory over the Old Man.



21 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    While I think you are very nice to be worn down and as bah humbuggie as you think you are..YOU posted yourself!!! There would be no way in H or God’s Green Acres that Himself would EVER allow this to happen…even if his grandson asked him! You are very sweet.

  2. Clem

    What we now know of dear Julia
    Is her teasing is certainly trulia
    But them baubles be cute
    Even on an Old Brute

    [apologies, but it seems a certain poetic form has bitten this old man… hope this doesn’t feel like piling on]

      1. Clem

        Slots on the vengeance list… oh boy howdy!

        Tell you what, forward a bauble and I’ll append it to my beard and return the photo. They say misery loves company.

        And yes, the clerihew seems right in my path. Love limericks as well. Could not master the Haiku, so this silliness appears my lot.

      2. quercuscommunity


        Limericks can be a bit tricky but they are good when they work properly. I’ve always struggled with haiku, despite them seeming so simple.

        The clerihew is always welcome as a beacon of silliness in a serious world, and you clearly have a talent for them.

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