I came to a decision last night – I’ m setting myself no new targets until I’ve completed the current challanges because with the two challenges plus reading, writing and eBay I have enough to do in the evenings.

The world won’t stop if I slack off for a few days.

I’m taking Number Two Son to work now and may not get back in time to post before midnight so it’s a short post today.

Slacking is clearly contagious.

Today’s picture is a Mallard/Pintail cross from the pond at Arnot Hill Park. He’s been featured before. I didn’t go there but everyone likes a duck.

14 thoughts on “Slacking

      1. Clem

        Hmm, agreed that sinking for ducks would present some difficulty – but I wonder just how much remembering goes into duck floating. Next time I meet a duck I might ask. Or might that make me a quack??

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