A Question

What have Dr Leonhart Fuchs, Bernard McMahon and the Reverend Adam Buddle got in common?

And as an extra question, did you know it, deduce it, Google it or ask your wife/husband?

(My sister texted me a couple of minutes after I posted this, making it look far too easy.)

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    1. quercuscommunity

      It was a long shot. Sadly it fell a little short of being correct, though I now know more about the 1954 Cup Final than I did ten minutes ago. Well, I had to check the names in case you were right…

  3. cmc19

    You might already have my answer, but I can’t see it, so here we go again.
    Two of them were botanists and studied plants. The second one made a film about plants?
    I used Google and Wikipedia, too.
    You’re keeping me interested and curious, when do we get the official answer?

  4. Caroline McIntosh

    Two of them were botanists or studied plants, but the third…
    Did he make a film about plants…?
    I did have a little help from Google and Wikipedia.
    I do look forward to the answer. 🙂 You’re keeping me intrigued.

  5. Donnalee

    They were all mentioned in some written material somewhere which I have seen recently, and beyond that I have no clue, and that reply came from my own head.


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