An Answer and a Solution

As I added in a note to yesterday’s final post, my sister answered the question in minutes. It turns out that she knew two of them and confirmed the third on Google. Useless knowledge must be genetic.

I hadn’t thought of that when asking the question, I thought there were no mysteries left now had Google.

The answer must, for the moment, remain a mystery in case a few more people want a go. As several people have mentioned, the names are associated with plants in some way.

And the solution?

It’s about my trouser problem.

Following a suggestion about trouser psychology from Donnalee, I was, this morning, able to get my trousers on without the customary struggle.

All I did was start with the other leg. It’s a bit tricky balancing on that side, and I made sure I was situated in the right place to grab the bannister, but it worked. Left leg in, quickly before falling over, then right leg in.

I’m not quite sure why it worked, though I think the flexibility of my right ankle compared to the left, may have helped. Anyway, it did work.

As a result of this improvement in the leg/trouser interface I’m now waiting to see what goes wrong to maintain the cosmic balance.


19 thoughts on “An Answer and a Solution

  1. jodierichelle

    I hope you are all sitting down while doing these pant legging things. I have a friend who had one leg in and, while standing, shoved the other leg in – which got caught – and over she went. Not a good thing.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Is that a general query or the voice of experience? My normal problem is my foot wedging itself across the width of the leg, or the trouser leg curling up and not letting my foot through. Before you ask, I’m not sure how I manage, Julia suggests I have a natural talent for stupidity.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Same pair as the day before, pre-loaded with notebook, handkerchief, change and wallet. I will try a different pair at the weekend and see if the new policy still works.

      I hope so as I am experiencing a feeling of lightness of spirit I have not felt for some time. This, in fairness, could be due to the cold remedy I am taking.


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