Randomness & Remembering

We had seventeen packages to send before lunch yesterday. One consisted of 200 coins, which needed sorting before packing. It was hard work, particularly when besieged by phonecalls from people with “rare” and “valuable” coins, and a couple of people with “urgent” telephone orders.

It was very tempting, but I behaved in a a cheery and professional manner and nobody was advised to go away and stop bothering me.

Then we went to Sheffield to clear Number Two son’s room. It was hot and traffic on the M1 was slow.

On the way back we stopped at a service station to empty my aging bladder. I treated Julia to a drink and a pastry while we were there, and handed over the equivalent of an hour and a half’s work for two coffees and two lemon tarts. Food for thought…

In the evening I pottered about on the internet. I was doing some research on medals when I found a picture of an avuncular old cove who, with the addition of a beard would very much resemble a whisky-drinking Santa Claus.

Brigadier Peter Young DSO MC

War hero, raconteur, historian, author and founder of the Sealed Knot, it’s Brigadier Peter Young DSO, MC & 2 bars.

The photograph appears several times on the internet so I’m hoping nobody is going to mind me using it.

They don’t make them like him any more.

That led on to the Sealed Knot Book of Remembrance, which, in turn, led to a maudlin half hour of reading and remembering.

I didn’t feel like writing much after that so I turned to writing doggerel for the daily post. I’m trying to become more regular in my habits.

16 thoughts on “Randomness & Remembering

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  2. Laurie Graves

    That’s a lot of coins. Enough to put anyone in a grumpy mood. And what a picture! Peter Young looks like someone I would have loved to have known, to sit down and listen to his stories.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I did one with 150 coins yesterday. We try to pack them so they don’t rattle and tempt anyone from the ways of righteousness. We lost a package recently – after four weeks it’s still not left the UK. The Post Office’s promises on compensation are, naturally useless.

  3. tootlepedal

    I have often wondered about the popularity of coffee houses. Paying through the nose for something that you can make better and more cheaply at home is an odd way to go on.


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