Like a Stork, I have a Big Bill

No parcels today, no coins, no postcards of dubious taste.

The car is in for its annual MOT test, plus a service and an examination of a coolant problem. Or a “no coolant” problem, to be precise: it’s using nearly as much water as diesel. Fortunately it seems to be ending up under the car so should be easy enough to fix.

On top of that, one of the tyres looked a bit flat on Sunday, and triggered the tyre pressure warning light. The sidelight warning light has been going on and off for months, though the sidelight is still working, and I suppose under the new rules this will cost me money too.

I can’t help thinking that my last VW did a quarter of a million miles without leaking and had no warning lights to go wrong.

To fill my carless day I am performing a study of daytime TV. I started with Quincy ME and have now moved on to Storage Hunters – UK. The have brought couple of the American regulars across because we don’t seem to have enough homegrown idiots.

I’m currently watching Combat Dealers. It’s an antiques programme, but with some unusual stock.

After that I may need a cup of tea, as TV watching can be quite onerous.


I had the tea. Then, just before lunch, the garage rang.

The water leak is likely to require a new water pump, which is not going to be cheap. The tyre has a screw through it and needs repair. The warning light, of course, needs attention. Warning lights, it seems to me, are always going wrong and needing expensive attention. It’s almost as if they have been there to cost motorists money.

Imagine a big sigh here.

Apart from the money, they will need to have the car for another day, though I’m hoping that will be next week.

At least it gives me a chance for a postcard and a pun about a big bill.

It’s 12.16 now and I feel like I’ve done enough. Blog, TV research, pun. This afternoon I may try a limerick and a nap before the quiz programmes start.

For now, lunch calls.

This is a picture of tomatoes in the Mencap garden, I feel in need of a peaceful picture.



17 thoughts on “Like a Stork, I have a Big Bill

  1. tootlepedal

    I had plenty of time on a wind resistant cycle ride today to think of poems:

    There was a young fellow called Quercus
    Who said, “There’s lots of things out there to irk us,
    Like sloppy shop workers
    And cafe staff shirkers,
    The whole thing’s a blithering circus!”
    Said Quercus

    A cheerful young fellow named Quercus,
    Said, “Everything’s gone quite berserk as
    The pound’s going down,
    Boris J is a clown,
    I think I’ll go hide in my burka.”

    I’ll get my coat.

  2. jodierichelle

    I despise those car warning lights. I have no idea which ones matter and which can be ignored, so I tend to ignore them all. (Note to self: don’t ignore “OIL”)

  3. Laurie Graves

    Sorry about the car. No fun having to pay repair bills. But cheer up! No shortage of homegrown idiots here, and we’d be happy to import however many you would like.


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