Sitting Sorting Silver Shillings

Guess what I did today?

That’s right, as the title suggests, I had a go at writing tongue-twisters.

In reality I mainly sorted cupro-nickel sixpences, which is not half so good as a basis for a tongue-twister, but in the WordPress universe things aren’t always what they seem. I, for instance, differ greatly from my blogging persona in several respects. In real life I am cynical, jingoistic and given to profanity. I also have a number of bad points.

I’m also disorganised and, after extensive browsing of ebay I have  seven minutes left to post this before midnight.

7 thoughts on “Sitting Sorting Silver Shillings

  1. Laurie Graves

    Phew! Sounds like quite a job. Are you able to listen to something—music, radio show—as you sort? Or would that throw off your concentration?


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