Currency, Collectables and a Coin Too Far…

First trip of the day was running Julia up to Worksop for a First Aid course.

It was a lovely morning, with sunlight streaming through trees in Sherwood Forest and illuminating the mist with rays of golden light. By the time I could find a parking space to take photographs the trees were too thick to admit light. By the time we found a better spot the mist had gone.

Just one more missed opportunity…

I misjudged the timing and was ten minutes late for work. I hate being late, though I’d warned them in advance as a precaution.

It was currency today.

I now know the difference between Latvian Lats and Lithuanian Litas. As they have both been superseded by the Euro, this knowledge is of limited use.

I also sorted the shekels and thought of alliterative ways of making sense of the rest of the accumulated foreign currency. I divvied up the Dirhams, divided the Dinar, ranked the Rand, realigned the rupees (Mauritian) and zoned the Zlotys. The Peruvian Sols were a step too far.

Having exhausted the entertainment possibilities of foreign currency I spent a while sorting Royal Mint coin sets by denomination and the size of the presentation pack.

It was a close run thing whether my will to live, or my supply of soul-destroying jobs would last longer.

Just one more coin could have tipped the balance.

The will to live and the supply of jobs were running neck and neck when the working day ended, and it was time to pick Julia up for an evening of Shepherd’s Pie and complaining about our days.

There was a hint of humour in the day when two customers managed to get lost entering the shop. They came through the first door then, instead of coming through the door with the bright, expensive sign, they turned into the Indian Takeaway.

You have to wonder how they managed to find us in the first place.


Do you think this sign is big enough?


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  1. Laurie Graves

    If ever I come to England, Sherwood Forest will be tops on my list of places to visit. Counting coins all day dues sound a tad dreary.


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