I spent some time working in the new shop getting things ready. When I finished I set the alarm and walked out, turned to lock the door…

…and found that I had a key that won’t lock the door from the outside. It’s fixed now, but as I stood there making futile attempts to lock the door life seemed to be against me.

It seems that my day has been one long string of conflicts with inanimate objects. It started off with my trousers, which fought back with unusual vigour this morning. The theme continued when I had to mount a Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal long service award with four extra bars (for 35, 40, 45 and 50 years). As you can see from the picture, it was a fiddly job. The bars are two different sizes, just to make things more difficult.

Fifty years voluntary service selling poppies is quite a feat, and I can’t help feeling it would be nice to mark it with something a bit better.

From there, as detailed above, it was a short step to fighting with the door lock.

Compared to the British Men’s Curling team I had it easy. I didn’t watch the match on TV but I did see one shot on the highlights. It threaded its way between two other stones, bumped one of ours out of the way and won the match for the Swiss.

It’s not necessarily the most gripping of sports, but a great shot is a great shot whatever te sport. And that was a great shot. It would have been better if it had been a British shot, but that’s life.

Without sporting set-backs winning would mean nothing.

I’m now off to finish the second part of yesterday’s post.

24 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Donnalee

    When a man’s trousers do not respect him as master, it might be a difficult day for that man. Oh well–

    Yeah, curling. Someone wrote a long good post about it recently, and I asked which teams often do best, but got no reply.

      1. Donnalee

        It seemed they stuck England and Scotland on the same line in both, so I was unsure…does Scotland just reprewsent the Uk in this but they felt they had to put England there too? IT looked unclear.

      2. quercuscommunity

        That’s Scotland and GB, on one line, which I suspect means that Scotland also play as Great Britain when required. England, as the Scots will be happy to tell you, occupies a much more modest slot in the rankings – sixteen places lower at Number 20. UK/GB is a complex subject… 🙂

      3. Donnalee

        Yeah, you seldom see Scotland acting as the whole UK, but if it’s curling or haggis making, then sure, they can lead the way!

        I used to live up near Geordieland, so we were near the border.

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