A Poor Selection of Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts today.

I’ve just been watching Donald Trump talking about  arming teachers. Putting a million guns into schools is a novel solution to the problem of school shootings and has certainly enhanced his reputation for innovative thinking.

The curling situation has developed in a way not necessarily to Team GB’s advantage. That is to say that after the men lost, the women also lost. They may still win tomorrow and gain a bronze medal, which will make it our most successful Winter Olympics ever. We’re currently lying 18th in the table.

If you add every medal we’ve ever won in Winter Olympics, it’s 10 Gold, 4 Silver and 12 Bronze. Norway, Canada and Germany have already surpassed that total in these games alone. I think Eddie the Eagle might be right.

That’s about it. Those two subjects are giving me all the thinking I can handle, apart from the thoughts I’m having about future posts. These will cover Part Two of the £32 million post, salad, quick meals and several on collectables.

The thinking, of course, is the easy bit. It’s the writing that takes the time.


24 thoughts on “A Poor Selection of Thoughts

      1. jodierichelle

        And you are so right about any gun-holding teacher being in jeopardy. The police would likely think someone with a gun and no uniform is the bad guy. And if you were a teacher with a gun and you chose NOT to use it, everyone would vilify you. It’s just a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it.

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  2. tootlepedal

    I share your pain, except about the curling of whihc I didn’t have great expectations having seen the form in the early rounds. I blame foreign ice of course. If the event had been held at the Lockerbie ice rink, we would have skated in.

    Anyway, you don’t have the worst problems. What are the gung ho English rugby supporting journalists going to say now? I know, it will be blame the ref week.

    1. quercuscommunity

      The ref had a decent game, the Scots played well and the English didn’t quite have what it takes when put under pressure.

      It was a good game. Can’t pretend I was happy with the result, but it was definitely a fair one when you compare the teams. We were outplayed.

      But as you say, journalists will alter it to suit. 🙂

  3. Laurie Graves

    Oh, if only we could give brains to those who do not have them! What a time for this country. The protesting kids are the one bright spot. Go, kids, go! And vote!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  4. higgledypiggledymom

    You should not for one minute think that that person has one original thought…it’s an appeasement for the NRA and to look like he’s trying to eliminate problems people are upset about-never his thought. He surrounds himself with people who do the thinking for him.

  5. derrickjknight

    Years ago, I gave Social Workers training in coping with violence. Sometimes they asked for self-defence techniques. I wouldn’t do it on the grounds that most of them didn’t have the mindset to engage in that way, and if they tried they would more than likely get themselves into trouble

    1. jodierichelle

      Derrick – I think this is so true. If I am a teacher, I love my students. So if I have a gun and someone is shooting with some kind of semi-automatic rifle, what am I going to do? Am I going to leave my beloved students and go out into the hallway and likely get shot right in front of them? Or worse, go out and accidentally shoot a student who is out there? I don’t think many teachers have the killer instinct and that’s what it would take to take down a killer. All of this gun nonsense would be much easier to deal with if the weapons of war were to stay in war and out of the hands of the general public. We must look like lunatics to the rest of the world.

  6. jfwknifton

    The one thing we have over all these other countries is that we invented so many of the winter sports. If it hadn’t been for all those rich muscular Christians visiting Switzerland in the second half of the 19th century, there’d be no winter Olympics at all.

  7. Donnalee

    I loved Eddie the Eagle–saw him flying around in a little town in Vermont some time back.

    Yeah, whatsisname–why not just put brains in those who don’t have them, as opposed to giving guns to those who don’t…? Just an idea–


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