What Does £32 Million Buy? (Part 1)

The easy, topical answer, is that it buys a Winter Olympic team, along with 59 athletes, four medals and the material for some great film scripts.

A crowd-funded bobsleigh team, crashing skater and an ice dancer who came back from smashing a kneecap – it’s all there.

I’m not a great sportsman, as you may have guessed from my photos and various comments on size and sloth, but every four years I rotate through Olympics, Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games. The kids make me watch a variety of World Championships, there’s the Rugby World Cup,the Rugby League World Cup and plenty of local news on skaters and kayakers who train in Nottingham. It’s hard not to get involved with all that around on TV.

Now, the question, as raised by National Treasure “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, is, are we spending too much on Winter sports. We aren’t, it seems, a natural Winter Sport nation.

Unfortunately we aren’t naturally good at Summer Sports, cricket or football either.

So, where do I go from here?

I could go on to discuss sport, politics and the national mood, which always seems to improve when we do well.  It often improves when we lose too, as we all love an underdog and Elise Christie, though devoid of medals, has set an example of determination that’s a great example to the rest of us.

I could talk about sport and money. It’s a massive subject, and it has plenty to offer a cynic, particularly if, like me, you believe that the money would be better spent on developing better drugs programmes. If people want to run as fast as chemicals allow, let’s help them. I’m looking forward to the two minute mile.

However, for those who want to do it the old-fashioned way – hard work and dedication – I’d have a separate set of games. I’d also ban transgressors for life instead of handing them a short rest between games. Yes Justin Gatlin, I’m looking at you.

Finally, as we’ve sort of covered politics, cash and the cowardice of governing bodies, it might be a good time to mention James “Darkie” Peters. I’ll say no more. If you’re interested in the history of sport, apartheid and spineless administrators you will find it interesting.

In Part 2 I will look at what else you can buy with £32 million.




23 thoughts on “What Does £32 Million Buy? (Part 1)

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  4. Laurie Graves

    I’m not sports minded either, and I think far too much fuss is made about it. And too much money spent, too. However, I must admit that on the rare occasions when I catch a glimpse of someone snowboarding or skating, my jaw does drop in admiration. Humans can do that? It seems they can.

  5. The Belmont Rooster

    Very good… I am not a sports fan either. I believe I have better things to do than sitting front of the TV watching the games. Even if I had plenty of money I would not pay the price to go to the games in person. Anxiously waiting for Part 2.

  6. tootlepedal

    I am very much against spending huge amounts of money on minority sports just because there is an enhanced chance of a medal in events where few countries compete. In fact, I don’t much care for international competitions at all.

    I am totally for spending even huger amounts of money in providing sports facilities free to use in every town in the country (and a lot of villages too). Ironically if everyone in the country had good sports facilities, we might win a lot more medals.

    On the drugs in sport front, those who call for a ‘free for all’ are condemning everyone who wants to win a competition to using drugs which doesn’t seem very satisfactory to me…..although it has happened already of course in some sports over the years.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Totally agree about the facilities, which would allow it to grow naturally.

      As for drugs, it seems that people will always take them, so I’m happy to let them, as long as they compete in separate events.


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