OK, you’ll have to take my word for it because, as usual, we didn’t get the photograph.

We went for a look at Budby Flash, because we wanted to see birds but didn’t want to walk. As we parked, Julia pointed at one of the feeders, where a Great Spotted Woodpecker was feeding.  The photos are a bit hazy because we took pictures through the windscreen rather than risk scaring it off.


Great Spotted Woodpecker – Budby Flash

When we did eventually get out of the car it flew off, as expected.

The feeders were full of tits with the odd robin, chaffinch and dunnock having a go. The robins, which normally pose so well, were too busy chasing each other, resulting in a lack of photographs. I got one poor shot of a coal tit but it was mainly a day for blue and great tits, with a visit from some long-tailed tits (who did their best to hide their faces).

While I was taking photos of the feeders Julia stalked round the trees that overhang the water by the bridge. A cry of surprise interrupted my photography and I turned just in time to see the eastern end of a westbound kingfisher. It managed to find a spot just round the corner, where it was still close, but hidden. I did think I’d spotted it later, but it was just a discarded beer can when I zoomed in.

24 thoughts on “Kingfisher!

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  2. Laurie Graves

    I so enjoy looking at pictures of birds in your area, even if some of them are through glass. Doesn’t matter to me at all. Seeing different birds is the thing. Good luck with getting a picture of a kingfisher.

  3. Clare Pooley

    Great selection of bird photos! I love seeing kingfishers and have never got a good photo of one! I now recognise their call so I am alert and ready to see them but that makes no difference to my photography skills!

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was shown a great kingfisher photo eighteen months ago – someone had taken on a phone. We are still trying. 🙂 Same with treecreepers – can see them but can’t photograph them.

      1. Clare Pooley

        I have awkward hands and fingers because of my arthritis and can’t hold the phone still enough, I think. I have a small Lumix which is fine for most photography, though hopeless with close-up/micro shots. I loved my old Canon Sureshot!

  4. arlingwoman

    Kingfishers are so amazing to see. I have seen them dive and grab minnows. So are the little blue and yellow birds long-tailed tits? There’s nothing like that here…

    1. quercuscommunity

      The pink/black/white ones are the long-tailed tits. The blue anf yellow are blue tits and the bigger blue/green/black/yellow ones are great tits. If I can get a picture of coal tits or march tits (brown/black) you will see they are very similar to chickadees.

      1. quercuscommunity

        It seems that the Grey-headed Chickadee and the Siberian Tit (a rare visitor to the UK) are the same bird with different names, so there isa little overlap. 🙂

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