Monster of the Deep

Forget the Blue Planet, look what I photographed in the depths of the duck pond at Arnot Hill Park on Sunday morning.

It appears to be a grey plastic supermarket trolley. If my memory serves me right these were used in Wilko’s. I’m going to have to go in next week and see if they still use them.

It was a bit chilly so I resisted the temptation to dive in and photograph it in its natural habitat.

There were also a few ducks and moorhens about.


Mallard/Pintail drake cross

Mallard/Pintail cross drake

17 thoughts on “Monster of the Deep

  1. Laurie Graves

    Until you identified the shopping cart, I could not figure out what it was. But as soon as you did, it snapped into focus. Funny how sometimes we can’t see. Nice pictures of the ducks and moorhen. I really like the labels you have with the pictures because except for the mallards, the others, as far as I know, are not found in Maine.


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