The Paranormal Investigator

Yesterday I met a paranormal investigator. I’ve never met one before. In fact, when I got up in the morning I hadn’t realised I was going to meet one that day.

When he’s not investigating the paranormal he does a variety of odd jobs, which was why he was visiting someone at the same time I was there for something else.

When you see them on TV paranormal investigators seem to be completely normal to the point of being boring – not a top hat, garlic clove or skull in sight.  This was pretty much the case in real life too, though he did have a beard. As it’s a well-known fact that beards are good this was a plus point.

He didn’t even seem as mad as a box of frogs when he spoke.

It seems he’d recently been hanging round the site of an old monastery with a friend, detecting the psychic energy of  monks who died 500 years ago, using something called a K2 meter.

Before that he’d had some trouble in a cemetery one night when “something” hit him in the face. It seems the thing to do in  these circumstances is to tell them to stop it in a polite but firm manner. You must also avoid walking into them in case you become attached.

A really good way of avoiding an attachment, in my mind, is not to go walking around graveyards at night.

Problem solved.

You must also, it seems, avoid attracting ghosts into your car and driving them home. If you get one in the car you have to stop and tell them to leave. I’m not sure what happens if they refuse to leave, particularly if you aren’t packing holy water, a cross or a clove of garlic.

Again, if you don’t want to be haunted, don’t go messing in graveyards.

That’s it. I’m not going to say any more. You must make your own mind up whether you believe it or not. All I will say is that it’s a wonderful life when you can meet a faith healer and a ghost hunter on consecutive days.


41 thoughts on “The Paranormal Investigator

  1. clairspeaker

    Cemeteries…worked at one…..cemetery sales….yes you to can pre pay your choice burial site…I’ve spilled a cremation box…had to work the funeral home in case we had a walk in…alone with a woman in a casket awaiting her viewing that evening a room away…she looked lovely, and crawled into a pitch black double long “built for 2” mausoleum crypt feeling for a casket to make sure the ground crew could seal the opening… was there…rest in peace…Cemeteries are fun

      1. clairspeaker

        Lol….see how that happened….we also sold pre planned funerals…really not making light of it , it’s a delicate process. We did “at need” as well very tough witnessing so much emotion…when you have a loss and haven’t pre planned the process is so difficult and not what you want to be doing at that time…though it was sales that was for people who were looking to have these things in place for the future to avoid the pain of it during the grieving process. Believe me as an Empath I literally felt their pain….we didn’t make a dime taking care of families with a sudden unexpected loss but these are the aspects of the job that I felt most useful guiding them through the process as gently as possible..

      2. clairspeaker

        Just read your about page…I have tears in my eyes…..what a wondrous place and wonderful people how something this selfless and heartfelt can be shut down is an abomination….after a 16 year stint as a flight attendant as an artist I volunteered at a long term care facility in the activities department….this led to becoming a certified activities director and 10 years of working with the disabled…the mentally ill…children on ventilators due to maternal drug use during pregnancy you name it. These special populations have opened my heart like nothing else could…it’s not work…These individuals are like you and I. What a heartbreaking story….but I’m sure your energy and empathy live on and will never be forgotten.

    1. quercuscommunity

      He could equally well have been a metal detectorist, a birdwatcher or a folk singer. The beard, camo jacket and enthusiasm would have applied to many hobbies. All that set him apart was his willingness to visit graveyards at night.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Things come in threes. I wonder whom you will meet next?

    I’ve know too many people who have experienced or seen strange things, including myself, not to think something is going on. Exactly what, who knows?

    1. quercuscommunity

      We had two cats for 20 years. They both died within a year of each other. After the second one died I kept seeing wisps of cat-type movement for months after. Who can say what it was?

  3. arlingwoman

    At least nothing stood up in the graveyard, caused wind to blow, and called “come by here.” It is never a good idea to come by here. Or hang out in graveyards at night. Shudder!!!!

    1. clairspeaker

      Cemeteries are for the living it is a place of love and remembrance…many people need a place they feel close to someone they lost….most paranormal investigators would probably agree there is very little activity at cemeteries….the dead go to the other side ….heaven….or whatever place fits your spiritual beliefs or if they are not ready to go they go to a familiar place like home….those that do linger are usually lost and may not realize they have passed…no need for fear that is within yourself not a judgement we all have our “fears”….a big one for me? Barber shop quartets…don’t ask…lol

      1. quercuscommunity

        That’s a new one – though we don’t have many barber shop quartets round here. I do like walking round graveyards, though I’ve never tried it at night.

      1. messengerguardiansparanormal

        Ghosts don’t tend to hang for any time at graveyards. Some, maybe–yes. However, they are mostly in all other locations. The more people around, the more of them around. A football stadium (American or European-style), during a game, is far, far, far more likely to have “ghosts” or other things, than an abandoned house, which may have one, two, one baddie, or even nothing. Only the low-energy types hang in abandoned places (or territorial entities). I had someone attach themselves to me a few years ago, while doing my third grad-degree. “He” may have attached earlier. He refuses to leave, but doesn’t cause real harm. He’s just annoying. I did not pick him up from a graveyard. That’s just old-Hollywood-tales (old wives tales). So much psychological hype gets misconstrued as paranormal investigator practice. Being one, I try to avoid all of the “mad as a box of frogs” hype that some tv shows push. I try to keep my recorders and devices as the central collector of information, as well as a tight analysis, and a healthy does of skepticism. — Glennie F. Sewell; Messenger Guardians Paranormal–Vermont.

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