Poetry and Prime Ministers

Following on from the clerihews yesterday, and the challenges from Derrick Knight and Clare Pooley, here are a few more.


Anthony Charles Lynton Blair,

had a certain, easy flair,

for acts of great mendacity,

but sadly not veracity.


Sir Edward Heath

was famous for teeth.

With music and sailing, an  undoubted geek,

who gave us all a three day week.


Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman

was sound around geraniums.

He was Prime Minister and Father of the House

and was known for being portly, as was his spouse.


This is post 1,001 – post 1,002 will return to more familiar topics.



12 thoughts on “Poetry and Prime Ministers

  1. beatingthebounds

    Bravo! You missed out Clement Atlee! Oh, but that’s not much of a challenge is it? Asquith and Disraeli would both be hard to rhyme? (Or would they?)

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