Political Clerihews (Again)

Today it’s back to clerihews.  This might be a bit incromprehensible to non-UK readers – sorry if this is the case. I could, I suppose, write them about foreign politicians, but that seems a bit rude. It’s not my place to take the mickey out of politicians from other countries – that’s for you to do. I’ve added a few links to help out.

Theresa May,

or she may not.

But she’s being rather shifty

on the subject of Article Fifty.


Blondie Boris Johnson

always has a response on

world politics and affairs of state

but his hair looks like he got up late.


Sir Michael Fallon

was a trifle too hands on.

He touched up a lady reporter

which he didn’t oughter.


Just a quick note – it’s OK for clerihews to be bad, that’s really part of the form. In fact I’m worried that these scan too well, which comes close to making them limericks.

I’m thinking about doing a whole series on UK Prime Ministers, because the world needs more poems about Pitt the Younger and the Earl of  Bute, though at least the latter will be easy to rhyme. I’m not looking forward to Campbell-Bannerman.

15 thoughts on “Political Clerihews (Again)

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  3. Lavinia Ross

    Clerihew is a new term for me, but I always learn something here! I can’t enjoy these too much as we are having way too much fun over here on our side of the Atlantic with our own leadership’s antics. Better to laugh than cry, I suppose, especially since we are now said to be within missile range of North Korea.

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