Breakfast, Landscape and Cottage Pie

Today I have been concerned with toilets to a greater degree than I would have liked.  Some days are like that. It is, as I often say, my age.

I had to stop for toilets before reaching Newark. This was a nuisance, but there’s always an opportunity in adversity, and in this case it was a Bridgford Breakfast at East Bridgford Garden Centre.

As a result I didn’t need to eat again until tonight, when I added mince to the left-over vegetables and curry from the last two nights and topped it with sweet potato slices. It produced a flavoursome and fibre-filled version of Cottage Pie.

On the way home from Newark I took a few photos, topped up my grudge against cyclists and got home just in time to fall asleep and miss Pointless.

Why would anyone ride one of these? I can see there are advantages, but the main disadvantage, that cars and lorries can’t see you, seems to be a compelling reason not to ride one. There’s no point in being fit and healthy if you’re flat. There are more strange cycles here.

As a positive end to the day – Julia has taken orders for five nest boxes. That’s £25 towards new covers for the polytunnels. Only another £475 to go. Or 95 more nest boxes…


Field near Kneeton, Notts

23 thoughts on “Breakfast, Landscape and Cottage Pie

  1. jodierichelle

    Our house is in the country and on a very popular bike route (To my dog’s joy – she chases them silently until she gets to the end of the fence and then barks ferociously to send them on their way.) I have seen lots of odd bikes out there including the recumbent (he rides with a big group which helps with safety.) We also frequently see a couple on a bicycle built for two.

      1. jodierichelle

        Cyclists, the trash men, and the UPS man are all chased down and abused with verbal aggression. Fire trucks and other sirens get howled at from the porch. Owls are not tolerated under any circumstances.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Those recumbent bikes do seem dangerous. Not many around here, probably for that reason. The pie sounds delicious, and yay for the cottage pie.


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