Ned Ludd’s Disciple

When a man of a certain age (convinced that instruction manuals are for wimps and you can mend things by hitting them) meets a delicate piece of technology the results are rarely good. Card readers, unfortunately, tend to be delicate. One of mine actually fell apart because I looked at it sternly.

In the latest incident of Luddism yet another card reader has bitten the dust. It was a good one too, but it was plugged into the side of the laptop as I turned in my chair and caught it on the arm. Result: the two pieces of the plastic shell clattered to the floor and the remaining bits, still plugged into a USB port, sat there, bent and useless.

The red light still works. It’s a hopeful sign, but that’s not really the number one useful feature of a card reader.

I’ve had to face facts and admit I have to buy another. I don’t buy them off the internet after the last one (the one that fell apart after the stern look) so I have to arrange a trip to ASDA, which is the only local shop to stock them.

In the 21st century you’d think there was a better solution, but the built-in card reader in my laptop is currently refusing to work. It does that periodically. I’d like to think they would last as long as the laptop but they don’t. Julia’s doesn’t work reliably either.

It’s frustrating when you can’t move photos from camera to laptop.

After a trip to ASDA I now have a working card reader again. I nearly had breakfast while I was there, which would have been bad in a number of ways, as they are both fattening and poor quality. Fortunately the service was so bad that I had plenty of time to rethink my decision whilst waiting, and eventually decided that it wasn’t worth waiting any longer for a second class breakfast. I was thinking of writing to complain, but it seems wrong to complain that they saved me from a plate of greasy calories.

The photos are from the garden. They don’t really relate to the post, but it’s just nice to have some photos. The morning was warm in the sun and cold in the shade, but a Red Admiral flew past and settled in the sun for a while.

It’s a bit random, but I thought it would be nice to get a few pictures in. Next post will cover my trip to the Men in Sheds.


24 thoughts on “Ned Ludd’s Disciple

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    I think it’s the whatever it feels like doing for the day situation. Maybe the moment! I have trouble sometimes uploading to the desk top (until I get a dedicated laptop). Can’t decide if it’s me (generally), the new not-for-simpletons-phone or the desktop. Why is easy so much more complicated and difficult? Just send me the posts and photos snail mail! Ha ha…The photos do calm our nerves.

  2. The Belmont Rooster

    Awesome post as always. I am not sure how many card readers I have went through since, how many years? They didn’t use to hold many photos so you had to make sure your setting was set to small, which you should anyway. Nothing was so frustrating as having a lot of photos to take only for your camera to tell you the card reader was full before you were halfway through. The one I have now holds 8 GB which is so MUCH better. This digital thing has been very good, but it took a getting used to… Now, I am trying Grammarlโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹yโ€‹ to help with writing.โ€‹.. Sometimesโ€‹ โ€‹I correct the word as it suggests and it still says it is wrong… Great pics by the way.

  3. beatingthebounds

    The card-reader on my laptop is also extremely temperamental. It often doesn’t recognise when a card is inserted and won’t acknowledge that it is there. This happens after I remove the card, on the previous use, without getting the ‘safe to remove hardware’ message. But when I try to get that, the laptop will tell me that the card reader is still in use and that I should close all programs and try again, which I know won’t work. Anyway, I’ve found a way around that problem, which brings an end to this very tedious tale – a relief to all concerned. Sorry, I think what I was trying to imply was that I feel your frustration! I suppose that, increasingly, many cameras will be bluetooth or somesuch and card-readers will become a thing of the past. I can’t imagine that the same will ever be said about frustration with high-tech gizmos however.

    1. quercuscommunity

      In theory my phone works as a hands-free phone in the car by Bluetooth. In practice this hasn’t been the case for a while.

      I fear I’m already a step ahead of the camera makers in messing up the new technology.



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