I Can’t Think of a Title…

Where to start?

I’ve had a bad day. I won’t bore you with the details, but it culminated in a parking fine for failing to display the car park ticket clearly. It seems to have flipped over when I shut the car door. This could end up with a £25 fine (or £50 if I fail to pay in 14 days).

I’m going to write and apologise and tell them what a good man I am. I will then ask to be let off.

It may work, but if it doesn’t all I will have lost is half an hour writing a persuasive email. If I don’t send the email I’ll spend the time whining anyway, so I’ll have lost nothing.

We’re seeing my brother-in-law tonight, It’s fair to say that he had a bad day yesterday. After travelling from Lowestoft (just over 150 miles) to watch England play the West Indies in a One Day International at Trent Bridge.

Due to the rain they only managed 2.2 overs. That’s fourteen balls. With England on 21 for no wicket the game was abandoned. They started just after twelve and came off at 12.43. After a long wait the match was finally abandoned at 4.20. A long, wet day. The good news is that he should get his money back.


24 thoughts on “I Can’t Think of a Title…

  1. Helen

    It is so annoying when that kind of thing happens (parking ticket). Re the cricket, if you’re a fan I imagine you are aware of the risks posed by inclement weather – it would certainly make me consider a different hobby!

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