The Fifth Day

It’s Friday so it must be…

…another school.

Fortunately it was just a class of 12, which made things easier. The keets behaved impeccably and the dough was the best I’ve ever seen a group make. That was surprising as many of them were quite small and small people often have trouble putting enough energy into the job. It’s even harder when you have difficulty reaching the table.

The hardest bit of the week is turning out to be finding new things to say each time, though the endless cleaning is, I admit, making me lose the will to live.



6 thoughts on “The Fifth Day

  1. clarepooley33

    Welcome to Skivvyworld! Great photos! My daughter who is studying art at college has just spent last week in cleaning and clearing the art rooms. She has washed things, swept things and re-painted messy walls. She tells me she is very tired. I am pleased she now knows what a broom is for. Most of the students ignored instructions and played on their phones all day. Perhaps you could introduce cleaning into your visits?


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