These things are sent to try us…

Interesting day.

Dropped Julia off at the hairdresser (don’t know why she can’t just use my clippers but it seems the Ripley look is not considered good on most women). A strange thing just happened, when I looked for photos to link to 98% of Ripley photos seem to feature hair, and lots of it, even though I always picture her as almost bald.  Just shows that you only remember what you want to remember.

Went the long way round to the farm, looking for photo opportunities. Camera ground to a halt.. Grrr! It started switching itself off when I pressed to take the photo and showing an intermittent message about the batteries being empty. They’ve been in five days and taken about 100 shots. Can this be right? Spare batteries are at home so will have to put them in and check before deciding if it is poor battery life or faulty camera.



Got to the farm just as yoga was ending so had a cup of tea with the group and ate some of the chocolate chip cookies that they had left. The Health Mentor people only ask me what I ate in the “last week” and they won’t be ringing for another five weeks so I won’t have to admit to three biscuits. Or even four or five…

They were small biscuits.

After lunch – cheese cobs with red onion jam – it was back to the grind of blogging, emails, writing an information sheet, photos, rang Virtual College to see where our COSHH courses are as they haven’t been emailed to us,  brewing tea and planning the new Quercus marketing plan.

The heron came back – you can just see it by the trees in the bottom right of the photo. Flying birds aren’t a good subject for me.

The Virtual College didn’t fix things in 20 minutes as they promised, but it’s difficult to take a photo of that.

I think that’s about all.

I did consider writing some sarcastic emails but it generally isn’t worth the trouble it causes so I just composed the most caustic answer I could muster, deleted it, and then sent one that said: “Yes, I can do that.”

In the end it’s no skin off my nose if someone wants to show how rude they can be in writing.


I merely hope that they enter their next life as a skin disease.




5 thoughts on “These things are sent to try us…

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, new batteries did the trick thanks. Unfortunately that proves the battery condition icon is misleading. I will get used to it, and once I have bitten the bullet and bought two sets of rechargeables I will be OK.

    2. quercuscommunity

      And a nice pun too. Took a while to sink in, in fact I pushed the button as my inner voice said “scabies…Hades…” and I grinned widely, causing Julia to ask if my tooth extraction was playing up. 😉


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