Busy days and Potato Pizzas

Collect the eggs, feed the lambs, avoid the electric fence round the goats…

It’s been a busy day. We didn’t finish until late last night, after hosting a group of local Brownies for pizza making and nature bling. We also saw one of the leaders make her Brownie Promise. She’s part of a good team – the Brownies were a delight to work with and the leaders did most of the washing up for us.

I managed to fit in a telephone consultation with my weight loss mentor, who thinks I eat too much cheese. I think I’m eating it to avoid eating various sliced meat products, partly through a desire to avoid additives and partly wanting to cut down on meat. This could take some balancing.

I’ve also had  a text to remind me that the dentist awaits me on Friday morning. I suppose it will be OK once it over.

Finally it was time to cook the new pizza recipe, specifically for people who don’t like tomato sauce or cheese.

Potato pizza with onions and rosemary. Well, it would have been if I hadn’t forgotten to put the onions on. Apart from the onions there are a few tweaks to make to the recipe, but it was generally thought to be good. As you can see from the picture, it was a good, fun hands on activity, though some of us need more practice handling dough.

I will put the recipe on the Recipe page over the weekend.



5 thoughts on “Busy days and Potato Pizzas

  1. clarepooley33

    Diets! My husband and I were very noble and gave up eating meat three nights a week a few years ago because we were told we didn’t need so much of it at our age. We were then told by another expert we ought to keep our meat intake up as meat helps to rebuild damaged tissue – very important at our age!

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I spent last night thinking about it. Cheese won. I will, however, look at the possibility of eating salad at least once a month, just to show willing., despite the fact that I look on salad as a penance rather than a meal.

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