A good dentist is hard to find…

I’ve known a few dentists in my time, and in general I have to say that they aren’t the jolliest of men, though many of them seem to have nice cars. If they were put in a police lineout it would be tricky separating a dentist from an undertaker’s mute.

On the other hand, look what they have to work with. After a couple of nasty experiences with dentists I am prone to become a gibbering wreck at the sound of a drill and regard them all as extras from Marathon Man. It can’t be much fun being my dentist.


However, with a touch of humour, a pint of anaesthetic and a very competent use of the pliers, he has completely rehabilitated his profession.

Just a short post today. I’ve been taking co-codamol to fight off the pain that I was told would come when the anaesthetic wore off. So far there is no pain. From that I take it that the pills have done their job. The downside is that I can’t actually feel my head.

On a brighter, and less narcotic note, the camera is working again – it was a combination of high battery use and an inaccurate battery condition icon.

Also, I am wearing a red checked shirt and black trousers today, one to hide the blood and the other because I can. The diet has worked so well that, despite the cheese sandwich dilemma, I have lost a full trouser size and am now comfortable in trousers that I last wore in 2014.

There were definitely three good things to tell you, but I forgot the other.

It’s a bit like the first two signs of old age – bad memory and er… I can’t remember the other one.




13 thoughts on “A good dentist is hard to find…

  1. thehappymeerkat

    Dentists make me shiver. I had to have a root canal once and I had an incompetent dentist mess it up so I needed to go back 2 more times for an experienced dentist to fix it!
    Congratulations on the weight loss 🙂

  2. derrickjknight

    That must be some pain. I hope you don’t get to feel it. A dentist once treating me in London’s Little Venice asked his assistant to pass him the gun. ‘It’s not that bad is it?’, I quipped. Quick as Gary Cooper he replied: ‘I’m Middle Eastern, that’s the way we do things’.

    1. quercuscommunity

      If I was younger I would write LOL or ROFL or some such string of letters. 😉

      After lavish application of pain killers I have escaped with just a dull ache, which is a good result.

  3. Barbara

    I’m going to a new dentist in a couple of weeks, having sworn them off after some medieval procedure about 6 years ago. This one’s a woman and I have a naive sense that maybe she will be gentler—or that I can manipulate her. Probably neither.


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