Give a man a fish…

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, the saying goes, but give that man a fishing rod and you won’t see him all weekend.

It’s a bit like that for Men in Sheds – from what I saw today there will be many puzzled women wondering why their days are no longer cluttered up by husbands getting under their feet. Membership is growing and they are now looking to open on another day.

That’s good for us, because today we had a site meeting and we now have a design for our loaf of bread installation (I hesitate to call it a sculpture and it definitely won’t be art.)

If we can secure funding the loaf will be the centre-piece of our Open Farm Sunday display and the education tent at Flintham Ploughing match. If we can’t secure funding we will have to work round it, probably by recycling something. It won’t look as neat, and someone always end us saying “I was going to use that…” but it will still go ahead.

After looking at the cost of new wood it strikes me it will be cheaper to buy a garden shed.

The workshop is looking good after the new sockets were fitted and the Community Payback team spent a couple of days doing things up. It helps that their supervisor is into Health and Safety and has a lot of workshop experience.

We now have two donated chicken sheds well on the way to restoration, someone has just given us the contents of their store shed (which included roofing felt for the chicken sheds – how lucky was that?) and a local livery stable has donated work benches and various other things. We are now in the process of enlarging the back doors so we can get the benches into the workshop.


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