Back to Basics – Soda Bread

Bread Group again today and we were back to that old favourite – Soda Bread. I’ve made a lot of soda bread over the years, and, as chive soda bread scones, it formed the basis of my early teaching sessions in the kitchen. It’s quick and easy to make and, as scones, it bakes quickly. You can also include cheese or sultanas (when it is known as Spotted Dog).

However, the bread can range from stodgy to downright unpleasant (if you don’t get the baking soda distributed properly) and pizza is a lot easier to eat. On top of that, it’s not really much of a learning process for people who are used to making yeasted breads.

Fortunately, It’s always fun in the Bread group, whatever we make and there were plenty of stories and photos from India now everyone is back. so everybody got on with the job, even though a number of people declared in advance that they didn’t want to eat the end result.

Ironically, the person who asked for it wasn’t able to come today.

The trick with soda bread is to have the oven ready, the dry ingredients mixed thoroughly and sieved, and then pour in the buttermilk, mix it, shape it, cut it and bung it in the oven as quickly as possible. The reaction between buttermilk and baking soda is quite quick and you need to be as organised as possible to ensure you get the maximum benefit from it.

If you want the recipe it is here.

There are plenty of other recipes out there if you want to look – including those using plain milk or yoghurt.


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