A day of mixed fortunes

Turned over, got up late, drove to Peterborough, saw a buzzard and a red kite on the way (both good sightings), helped sister, saw father, drove long way home, another good kite sighting, shopping at TESCO in Corby

That was when it became slightly surreal when I decide to buy three of their 35 pence carrier bags.. They are security tagged. Yes, security tagged 35p bags. It seems they aren’t the only ones though.

Got home – Number One son microwaved my evening meal – pie, potatoes, green beans and creamed spinach. Ate spinach, wiped beard, tried a bit of pie.

A microwaved pie, even after the delay whilst eating spinach, stays extremely hot. Hence the blisters…

Then I ate some sugared almonds and broke a tooth. Luckily it was the one I’d had repaired with some sort of resin a couple of weeks ago. It hadn’t seemed like a very durable repair at the time, so I’m unhappy but not exactly surprised.

A day of mixed fortunes indeed, and now I’m also getting grief from WordPress about using 91% of my capacity. Anyone think it’s worth paying for an upgrade or should I just start deleting old photos?

12 thoughts on “A day of mixed fortunes

  1. ChasingSernity

    Microwaved anything is an invitation to 3rd degree burns – and crusty edges! I too had to face the wordpress upgrade dilemma – tried deleting a bunch of photos. All I succeeded in doing was breaking the photo links to a number of posts – did not make a whit of difference to my capacity %. So I bit the bullet and upgraded – it is well worth it, especially if you want to start playing about with video uploads – in for a penny in for a pound, as they say!

  2. jolynnpowers

    oh I have not reached that point yet… but if and when I do, I will delete the duplicate photos first… I am terrible for this but I have often uploaded the same photo several times instead of looking for that old photo… so I would start with anything that maybe on your blog more then once. I guess I will also then think of the upgrade but from my understanding you will lose your followers ability to “LIKE” a post. I have fallowed several blogs that moved to websites and the only way the site owner knows you are still reading along is by commenting.. you have no way to like a website post…. so I would miss just knowing some one stopped in to read my post! Best of luck and this challenging situation…

  3. clarepooley33

    What a day! Sorry about the burnt mouth and broken tooth 🙁 I paid for an up-grade because I use so many photos and I am quite happy with it as there are other perks (e.g. being able to discuss problems on-line with someone from WordPress instead of relying on the Forums) but I may not renew it this year. You could go through all your photos and reduce them which would give you a little more time and space or you could open a Flickr account, load all your photos on there and then insert them from Flickr into your post just as you would a link, so the photo isn’t stored in your WordPress media file.

  4. arlingwoman

    If you know which photos you’ve used, you could try that, but it’s generally worth upgrading. If you delete a photo you used in a blog post, it will just disappear…Probably not a good thing. Pay up. I did it last year and feel much freer now about posting videos and other stuff. Gads, sorry about the tooth. That’s a !@#$@#$.


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