Bird counts

The Bird count went as well as could be expected when you’re working with a group that is prone to loud voices and jerky movements. I think they are all great people in their own ways, but as companions in quiet birdwatching they leave a lot to be desired


I wasn’t very successful with the camera. The greenfinches seemed to know when I was about the press the button and the yellowhammers flew past and hid in the hedge several times without pausing on the feeders.

At least the chickens seemed to like it. After a shaky start (where the brown hen appeared to be interested in one of the younger cockerels) they made it up and spent the early afternoon basking in the sun. It’s alright for some!

The group made needle cases from a selection of hearts Julia provided, only managing to lose one needle in the process (though we’re still a bit nervous about finding it again!)

And finally, a couple who come on the farm metal detecting popped by for a cup of tea and brought us some nice mistletoe for us to “plant” on our apples trees. It’s a project for next week now as we’re busy for the rest of the week, but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Meanwhile we are having to clean up quickly and prepare for an evening meeting at the centre. Julia has an evening meeting in Nottingham and I am to be left at home to cook shepherd’s pie.

It had better be good because last night she left me at home to cook tea while she visited a neighbour to do some handicrafts. At 10 pm she returned to find me asleep in front of the TV and the oven devoid of shepherd’s pie.

I am, it is safe to say, in her bad books.

It would be nice to insert a picture of a shepherd’s pie here – unfortunately I can’t. ;-(



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    1. quercuscommunity

      We put nyger seed in one of the feeders, which is good for attracting goldfinches, though we knew we had them in the area to start with. We have lots of chaffinches. Fat balls attract long-tailed tits. In autumn/winter we also have mixed tit/bunting flocks and often see reed buntings and yellowhammers. This year has also been good for fieldfares. I will be putting the bird count list up next week.


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